Communication between Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots - Essay Example

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This essay talks about the skill needed to properly fly an aircraft, much less to properly land it. That people have come to take smooth landings for granted shows just how unlikely rough landings are – which should in turn hint at the amount of skill possessed even by the average airliner pilot…
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Communication between Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots
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Extract of sample "Communication between Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Communication between Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots" talks about the skill needed to properly fly an aircraft, much less to properly land it. What looks so simple from a passenger's point of view is in fact much more difficult than it looks. It would thus be worth examining exactly how air transport works. The most common conception pertaining to the airport is that it is the structure through which airplanes are able to convey travelers and goods to their destination, though it would be more accurate to ascribe such a term to the personnel involved. These individuals are the ones who are responsible for making sure that air travel is as smooth and as safe as possible through the implementation of a myriad of complex processes and directives. There are a number of factors essential to the efficient management of the airport, such as flight profile, airlines, handling agents, customs, security, catering, ground transportation, passageways, and runways. The first of these generally refers to standard operating procedures adhered to during the operation of an aircraft, namely pre-flight, take off, departure, en route, descent, approach, and landing. Pre-flight refers to the part up till the plane taxiing on the runway, during which the pilot submits his flight plan to whoever is in charge. The signal for takeoff is given following the approval of the flight plan, with aircraft taking off one after the other. This is done in order to ensure that one plane is well off the ground. by the time the other is taxiing up the runway8. Following takeoff is the departure phase, wherein the pilot activates the aircraft's transponder in order to both receive incoming signals and broadcast its own, providing its controller with the relevant information9. The subsequent en route phase then has the aircraft subject to careful monitoring by the departure controller, while descent, as the name implies, is when the aircraft is beginning to descend and approach its destination10. Finally, the landing phase has the airplane touching down before taxiing to the gate and coming to a complete stop. The airport is also affected by the airlines who operate there and are responsible for the conveyance of passengers and goods11. Handling agents also come into play, especially when it comes to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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