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Do Natural Disasters lead to internal conflict within a country - Essay Example

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The natural disasters that have hit the world in recent times are enough to let all and sundry know that these have been catastrophic and have caused immense damage to mankind and property…
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Do Natural Disasters lead to internal conflict within a country
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Download file to see previous pages The fact that natural disasters can have serious impact on the society and the people suggests that these need to be managed in a proper way (Shaw, 2011). If this does not happen, there would be immense problems for the entire civilization and the one that comes about as a result of the natural disasters and calamities existing within the region.
The natural disasters are deemed as some of the most significant problems that have come about with the passage of time within this day and age. This is because they can come about suddenly and their drastic effects are something to get worried about (Perry, 2007). What is even more worsening is the fact that the natural disasters lead to an anarchic state and the people feel juxtaposed in terms of loss of property and even the loss of lives within their families and friends.
The internal conflict can arise within a country because people might feel that since they have already lost their family members and their homes and property, they might as well claim control upon the property remains intact of others. It gives them the leeway to do whatsoever they feel like and thus exert their influence in more ways than one (Dyi, 2009). The internal conflicts do come about because the people have been hard done by. They have no other means to make both ends meet and the aid and help seem to be a far gone conclusion. What they can think best under these times is to seek refuge somewhere and this is only possible when they can play havoc with the system that exists within the country at that point in time. Similarly, they are also aware that they can create anarchy and mess by loot and plundering at that time because they might get back on their feet but they would not be able to become as rich as the well-off individuals of the society and it is best for them to exploit the ways and means of the people who have seen good days within their lives (Stevens, 2008). Thus loot and plundering becomes the buzzword within such settings and for a number of different reasons, not all of which are based on problematic issues and concerns. The conflicts within a country can also come about in the wake of natural disasters if the select group of people is bent upon finding out where they can gain something or the other, and at any point in time within their lives. They are always waiting for an opportunity that they cash upon, and once they come to know of such concerns that emit from the aegis of the natural disasters, they seem to grab it with both hands, thinking less of the people who are already suffering or will suffer due to the calamity or catastrophe which has hit them (Mulligan, 2011). The earthquakes of Turkey, Haiti, Chile, Indonesia and Pakistan are some of the examples where contrasting features of conflict came about. The catastrophes that took place in these nations shook the basis of the people and their governments came in with drastic steps to take care of the local populace. The conflicts came in when the people realized that they would have to get their respective house in order so that sanity could prevail within their ranks (Rosowsky, 2011). These individuals create anarchy because they want to ransack the property and incur loses on the part of the government, partly in line with the shortcomings that the organizations and institutions, and basically the government has had in the dealing with the masses of the society. The underdeveloped countries are the worst hit – mainly because they have fewer avenues of proper infrastructure and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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