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Claims have been made by the concerned parties on IPV, the suggested solutions, traits of the victim and the villain and basis of claim-makers. This paper analyzes the use of the constructionist perspective theory in transforming a social condition into a social problem which is IPV…
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Intimate Partner Violence
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Download file to see previous pages Sociologists argue that social conditions develop into social problems through a process referred to as social constructionism as stated by Loseke (2003). Societal reactions are important from this approach and they emerge from the media, religious groups, social organizations just to name but a few. These reactions play a key role in transforming public awareness. Social conditions turn into social problems when the concerned parties are actively involved in raising awareness in the society. This outlook on social problems is significant as it gives a theoretical framework to assist in understanding the discovery, definition and the degree of IPV in the UK and around the globe (Barnet, Miller- Perrin and Perrin, 2005). It also helps to explain the cross-cultural variation in reference to domestic violence and how the debate how evolved over the years. There are important terms that are discussed in relation to this approach. These are claims, claims-making, claims-makers and claims-competitions. The term claim making refers to the actions of individuals or activities of groups making statements and claims or complaints regarding some acknowledged condition (Barnet, Miller- Perrin and Perrin, 2005). In general, this process starts when members of the concerned groups who are in other words known as claim makers express their grievances and consider something as being unacceptable (Barnet, Miller- Perrin and Perrin, 2005). Claims are mainly one sided issues that the claim makers contend against such as drug abuse and domestic violence (Barnet, Miller- Perrin and Perrin, 2005). They comparatively involve unbalanced power on the...
This paper stresses that relationships between partners were not widely discussed and cases of violence were not reported. The society was highly patriarchal and the decisions were made by men however, things have changed. Domestic violence was recognized with the feminism wave whereby women stood up and fought for their rights and against all forms of violence. Domestic violence related deaths have been on the rise and its effects more devastating hence the claim- makers were able to create awareness and appeal to their audience. This led to the transformation of domestic violence as a social problem.
This report makes a conclusion that the claims about the IPV emerged after the feminism wave as women had learnt about their rights. They were more aggressive in demanding equal treatment with their male counterparts. The claims of the claims-makers resonate with broader cultural worries at the time. The claims-makers succeed in capturing the attention of audiences and in persuading them to accept their claims, while the majority of conditions that could be called social problems remain marginalized and unexamined. This is owing to the changing attitudes in society and the effect of globalization that results to emergence of contemporary values that are against domestic violence. IPV is here to stay and more efforts need to be made by the claim makers to control its levels globally. There have been positive changes made by society to eradicate IPV and the future is not easy for the claim- maker if at all the fight against it is to be won. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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