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Energy Conservation - Research Paper Example

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Introduction Energy conservation has become a critical issue in the current environment of rapid decrease of natural resources. The fast depletion of natural resources has adversely impacted the eco system with huge repercussions on environmental conditions…
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Energy Conservation Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The need for finding alternative resources of energy has become key driver of change for promoting sustainable development within and outside the business paradigms. The alternative resources of energy and energy conservation have become need of the hour that needs to be addressed within the lifestyle pattern of contemporary society at large. Resources for energy The various resources of energy are primarily electricity, solar, hydro energy processes, oil and gases, wood etc. The myriad forms of energy resources have been indiscriminately used by the people at large, including household and business units. Shove (2003) explicitly says that energy consumption is intangibly driven by convenience, habit and social norms. The usage only becomes visible when one is forced to pay for it through regular bills like, electricity bills, water bills, oil etc. Energy produced by various means is using natural resources like water, air and forest resources as their key inputs. The oil and gases used within transportation, industrial production of energy etc have become important ingredients that need to be considered within the wider scope of long term usage. Energy consumption and impact on environment sustainability The limited natural resources like water, fresh air and land are being used with scarce regard to it as future legacy for our children. The essential paradigm of consumption must become major concern for the users who must develop action plan for sustainable strategy for efficient use of energy in various formats like electricity, solar, oil and gas etc. Deforestation and migration of population has dramatically changed the dynamics of growth. It has not only adversely impacted the environment but scholars have also asserted that that extreme weather conditions and natural calamities are much greater when they occur in regions having poor infrastructure, huge populations etc. (Pielke et al., 2003). Factors that promote energy conservation and preservation It has become important that one is able to constructively contribute towards environmental conservations and social issues which have considerable impact on the sustainable development. The consumption pattern plays significant part in the energy conservation process not only within household but also in industrial contexts. The following are few strategies that promote energy conservation: Behavioral strategy based on information and motivation Dissemination of relevant information greatly empowers the society and helps inculcate habit of energy conservation within the daily routine of the people. Many scholars also believe that increasing prices of energy like electricity, oil and gases etc may become major motivators for efficient use of the same (Jackson, 2005; Geller, Winett, and Everett, 1982; Cook and Berrenberg, 1981). Social norms and constraints The socially constructed norms and institutional designs of social interaction models are mostly defined by the lifestyle, convenience and historical contexts of consumption pattern (Shove, 2003; Sanne, 2002). The various appliances and gizmos that technology has developed for improving and facilitating the living standard of the masses are key linkages that dictate the energy consumption in the contemporary times. Waste management Effective waste management is one of the most crucial paradigms of energy conserv ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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