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Representation and exploration of gender roles in popular film: Comrades, Almost a Love Story and Crouch - Term Paper Example

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The changing traits of social existence due to radical modernism have also been reflected in various domains of art and quite powerfully within the filmmaking traditions. …
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Representation and exploration of gender roles in popular film: Comrades, Almost a Love Story and Crouch
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Extract of sample "Representation and exploration of gender roles in popular film: Comrades, Almost a Love Story and Crouch"

Download file to see previous pages Compared to the early styles of Chinese filmmaking the issues of depiction, especially reflection of depicting gender roles in films have undergone drastic change. Films like Comrades, Almost a Love Story and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon are brilliant examples that not only reflect impact of modernist trends in the art of filmmaking but also provided considerable focus on gender roles, contending the traditional approach. The films, Comrades, Almost a Love Story and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, though have dealt with different storyline, thematic approaches and cultural situation, however, the role of women as reflected in both these films, can be regarded as a brave shift from the traditional approaches. In each of the films, women have played interesting as well as equally commanding parts compared to their male counterparts in the context of developing storylines. The film, Comrades, Almost a Love Story while provides a sufficient reflection over development of China in terms of modernism and neo-Marxian perspective and consequently provides a detailed impression of the contemporary socio-political and economic situation of the nation and how the characters, especially women are responding to such metamorphosis, on the other hand, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon develops its thematic approach over socio-cultural situation of early 18th century China. While Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon can be regarded as a sincere attempt to reinterpret 18th century social history of China according to the principles of modernist context, however, special emphasis on roles of women as emergence of “women warriors” can definitely be regarded as a bold initiative that emphasizes the theme of contending conventional refection of gender roles in films in terms of radical modernism. Thesis Statement: The popular films such as Comrades, Almost a Love Story and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, have attempted to represent and explore gender roles quite from a modernist perspective. Irrespective of their differences in terms of storyline, thematic development and socio-cultural reflection, however, the capacity to explore novel horizons of womanhood has occurred according to the modernist tradition. Comrades, Almost a Love Story: The Comrades, Almost a Love Story (1996) by director Peter Ho-sun Chan narrates story of two Chinese mainlanders Li Xiaojun and Li Qiao. The wave of modernism in the early 1980s, like several other Chinese mainlanders, also affected them and made them believe that Hong Kong is actually a “symbol of material plentitude and process” (Chow 105). Thus, in order to develop their economic situation and secure the course of existence in terms of financial security they have attempted to assimilate themselves with the modernist cultural existence. The migration has an important role to play behind thematic development of the storyline because the cultural difference between Hong Kong and rest of China is remarkable and it contributes considerably in the context of gender role: “This migration should be understood not simply in geographical terms (as a migration from a rural to an urban environment, for instance) but also political-economic terms, as a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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