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Influential Theorist 1 Influential Theorist In APA Style Full Name Influential Theorist 2 Abstract Although the multiple intelligences theory of Howard Gardner has been embraced by a number of educators and educational theorists, it hasn’t been accepted within the confines of psychology…
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Influential Theorist
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Download file to see previous pages Per Gardner, there are a wide range of cognitive abilities that are not too closely correlated with one another, in spite of the close correlations of the aspects of intelligence that is measured thru the IQ test. (Gardner, H., 1983, p 25) For instance, two kids learning the multiplication table and child A learns or memorizes the table easily and child B is a little slow learning it. In Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, child A doesn’t necessarily mean more intelligent then child B for the following reasons: child B may be using a different approach, child B may be understanding multiplication in an essentially deeper level, or child B may succeed in a career outside mathematics As the theory says, based on the example above, child B’s slowness can be a result of the processing of the mind of the child and doesn’t not necessarily mean the child is a slow learner. The theory suggests that the child B’s intelligence may be a notch higher Influential Theorist 3 than of the child who easily memorized the multiplication table due to a deeper level of understanding, which appears like slowness. 7 Original Intelligences Based on the book “Frames of mind: The theory of multiple intelligences”, Gardner initially listed seven different types of intelligences. The first two intelligences are the ones that are valued at schools; the next three are those oftentimes associated with arts and the last two are the ones called personal intelligences. (Gardner, H., 1993, 41-43) The first of the pack is linguistic intelligence. It involves sensitivity to the written and spoken languages and the ability to learn different languages. This intelligence entails the capability of one person to express himself in either rhetoric or poetic manner, or both. The second type of intelligence is logical-mathematical intelligence. This connotes the capability of one person in analyzing logical problems, solving mathematical problems and investigating scientific concerns. According to Gardner, this includes the capacity of one person to detect patterns and think logically. This type of intelligence is linked to mathematical and scientific thinking. (Gardner, H., 1993, p 63) The third type and the first of the three intelligences related to arts is musical intelligence. This comprises the skill of a person in the performance, composition and appreciation of music. This includes the aptitude of a person to distinguish musical pitches, rhythms and tones and the composition of those. The fourth type is bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence. As Gardner believes mental and physical activity to be related, this type of intelligence entails the capability of one person to use mental abilities to be in sync with body movements. The fifth type is Influential Theorist 4 spatial intelligence. This types deals with the ability to visualize things with the mind’s eye. This entails the capability to recognize patterns of wide space and more confined areas. People of this type suit careers like designers, architects, artists and others of this sort. The second to the last type is interpersonal intelligence. This deals with the capacity of one person to understand other people’s feelings, motives, intentions and desires towards working with others effectively. Public figures ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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