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Word Count : 1144 Order # 542186 Dated 6th June 2011 Taking Global Education Reform (Country : Bolivia) Policy proposal for establishment of new educational institutions (John Miller Group of Educational Institutions) in Bolivia Introduction Globalization has brought tremendous changes in the society in various regions of the world…
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Taking Education Reform Global. (country Bolivia)
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Download file to see previous pages As a part of the educational reforms, there is a enormous scope for establishing educational institutions in those nations where existing literacy rate is not good and there is huge potential to enhance the literacy rate. Keeping these points in view, an effort is being made to prepare an policy proposal to study and analyze the prospects of establishing new educational institutions (John Miller Group of Educational Institutions)in Bolivia where lot of potential exists to enhance the literacy rate. The thesis statement of the study is “What are the ways in which the government of Bolivia would associate with the management of new educational institute and how do the new educational institute work with the local communities to make the education mission successful?”. General picture of Bolivia Bolivia is a South American nation which has a population of about 10 million. It has a multi ethnic composition including Amerindians, Mestizos, Europeans, Asians and Africans and the main language is Spanish (Read, 2002). It has also responded well to the phenomenon of globalization and started opening of its economy with the outside world (Heyck, 2002). Initially, the education in Bolivia suffered due to political instability and the legislation of 1956 laid the foundation for systematic initiatives for public education system. The basic structure of education in Bolivia comprises of primary education for five years followed by intermediate education for three years and secondary education for four years (Luykx, 1999). Higher education is mainly dealt by University of Bolivia and some other private educational institutions. Educational scenario in Bolivia In several spheres, the other nations or organizations or individuals can initiate any firm or business in Bolivia under the norms and rules of Bolivian government. The educational institutes of other nations would have to apply for the permission to establish new educational institution in Bolivia. After getting the clearance, the educational department of Bolivia would be communicated regarding the place of establishing new educational institute. The difference between the rural and urban literacy rate in Bolivia is quite higher. The rural literacy rate is very poor due to the fact that the children in rural areas are forced to contribute economically for their family income. Hence, it was reported that the average period of schooling was found to be 4.2 years in rural areas where as in urban areas it was noticed to be 9.4 years. Hence, there exists a potential to enhance literacy rate in rural areas and new educational institutes may be concentrated more in rural areas. Moreover, Bolivia spends about 23 % of its national annual budget towards the educational expenditures. The initiatives of Bolivia towards the opening of its economy with the outside world in the era of globalization inspite of some challenges would certainly help in promotion of educational reforms (Shultz and Draper, 2009). Basic features of the proposal Bolivian government would provide necessary permission and support for establishment of new educational institutes (John Miller Group of Educational Institution) in different ways if it is convinced that the aspirations of the local people would be taken care. The government of Bolivia wo ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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