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Information Systems Management (Travel and Tourism) - Essay Example

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Running head: Information Systems Management (Travel and Tourism) Creative Industries Insert Name Insert Insert 24 April 2011 Q 1 (i): Artificial intelligence (AI) Artificial intelligence is associated with computer science, which concentrates on designing of computer systems that are associated with the intelligence of human behaviors, such as solving problems, learning, understanding a language, and reasoning…
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Information Systems Management (Travel and Tourism)
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Download file to see previous pages Today, computer programs are being designed to recognize patterns in large amounts, make decisions, and solve problems. Intelligence agents are knowledge banks, since they have knowledge of certain things. Generally, there are two types of artificial intelligence, including, weak AI and strong AI. The weak AI allows machine to work independently; however, it cannot compete with human intelligence, such that, computer cannot have a mind or conscious. However, computer with weak AI can only solve some types of problems, but not all. Strong AI is also the artificial general intelligence, which thinks cognitively, and functions like the human brain. However, for a strong AI to exist there is need for software that functions like human brain, a computer that can make billions of calculations per second. Q1 (ii): Communities of practice Communities of practice are groups of people who share a passion for something in particular and learn how to do it best; it mainly involves collective learning such as solving problems. They can vary in different forms, for instance, a group of engineers working on a particular issue or a group of managers concerned with a particular organization problem. This proves that learning is the main reason why people interact; however, not every community is a community of practice. For instance, a group of friends cannot be defined as a community of practice. A community of practice usually involves a domain of interest; therefore, membership entails commitment to the domain. Members normally engage in discussions and activities that help towards their interests. Unless people with the same interests interact, a community of practice cannot be formed. Activities involved may vary from problem solving, discussing development, visiting, mapping knowledge, and identifying gaps among others. Moreover, community of practice is mainly applied in organizations, government, educational institutions, and development projects among others. Q 1 (iii): Data mining Data mining is the process of analyzing and extracting large data sets by using both artificial intelligence and statistics, in order to summarize the data in an understandable and useful way to the data owner. The wide use of information system leads to the accumulation of large data in businesses and on the website. Businesses can learn from the data transaction about the behavior of their customers in purchasing and they can therefore find ways of improving on their business through the acquired knowledge. Hence, data mining uses methods that allow extraction of useful data from large data that can be useful in decision-making. However, data mining is associated with the problem of market basket analysis, whereby, a business gathers information on the items that are mostly purchased by customers. Creating an effective layout of the business is important, for instance, it was discovered that most customers who purchase diaper especially the men always purchase a beer too and chips. Therefore, today, in most stores, beer is close to diapers and chips are close to beer, making it easier to meet their customer’s interests. The problem here is when applying the data mining technique of ‘association rule mining’. To be able to mine data, the data must first be collected from the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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