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Report making a change - Essay Example

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Introduction The setting of the study is a private hospital whose patients in the spinal unit have had concerns about their hygiene needs, including oral health care. The patients did express issues on their perceived knowledge and skills of the nurses with regards to addressing their oral health care needs…
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Report making a change
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Download file to see previous pages The proposed change put forth by the researcher is to increase the number of the lectures related to oral health care and hygiene to 3 or 4 lectures per month, between June and August 2011. This can be made possible with the concurrence of the nursing educator and the various nursing unit representatives. The ultimate outcome will depend on in-patient satisfaction by addressing their oral care needs; this can be made possible through enhanced nurse education. Implementation of Proposed Change Below are the underlying principles which were observed in observed in carrying out the planned change. Gather Support from Top Management The first principle is to solicit support from top management. This can be explicitly done through the formation of a Team for Nurses’ Oral Health Education which should be comprised of the Nurse Educator, Nurse Managers, Education Team members and the nurses. Kotter (1996) stated that in managing change, mere control is not enough; rather, there is a need to effectively lead the change that needs to be brought about. A coalition of leaders and managers must be formed to manage change. By working as a team, the coalition helps to create more momentum and build the sense of urgency in relation to the need for change (Midttun and Martinussen 2005). The group must consist of proven leaders who can drive the change, tout the vision, and empower others, and good managers who can develop plans and control the processes (Schlussel 2009). Kotter (1996) also recognises the importance of the emotional dimension and the energy that is generated by a “mastermind” group all working together. Gather Support from Different Organizational Levels The second principle is the solicitation of support from other levels, by creating a common, compelling vision of what the enhancement could bring (Lansisalmi, KIvimaki, Aalto, and Ruoranen 2006). This includes the presentation of the proposal to all directors, staffs, and other personnel involved. Moreover, they should be convinced about the urgency of the change, with emphasis on the expected benefits. People who welcome change are not generally the best at being able to work reliably, dependably and follow processes Understanding people's needs is important to be able to manage change (Inkson 2007). Being mindful of people's strengths and weaknesses is also very crucial as not everyone welcomes change. It is fundamental to take the time to understand the people being dealt with, and how and why they feel like they do, before taking actions (Gutteridge, Leibowicz, & Shore 1993). The researcher also realised that change is not to be sold to people as a way of accelerating 'agreement' and implementation. 'Selling' change to people is not a sustainable strategy for long-term success, since doing so may just back fire in the future, when least expected. Instead, change needs to be understood and managed in a way that people can cope effectively with it. Change can be unsettling, so the manager logically needs to be a settling influence (Bazzoli, Dynan. Burns, and Yap 2004). Establish and Communicate Urgency of Proposed Change According to Kotter (1996), an early task in effecting organizational change is establishing a sense of urgency. Change agents must help others see the need for change and the importance of acting immediately (Fox-Wolfgramm 2007). In planning for the oral health training program, 3 initial factors ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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