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Police Communications Technology - Essay Example

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Police Technology Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts 23 May 2011 The peace makers or the police officers are tasked with keeping the peace and tranquility of the community. The research focuses on the historical data that shows there is a continuing demand for the implementation of the unending modernization of the current police equipments and other related crime – fighting operating costs…
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Police Communications Technology
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Download file to see previous pages Historically In terms of historically, Larry Seigel (2009) emphasized the police officers used only batons to keep the peace. With the introduction of the police cars of the 1990s, the police officers were often charged for racial discrimination policies. To prevent the racial discrimination charges, the police officers on duty were required to installation of car cameras. The car cameras would deter the police officers from entertaining any thoughts of abusing the rights of the crime suspects. The police officers’ actions before, during, and after the crime suspects implemented their illegal activities had been recorded in the police camera. The camera tapes are used in the training of new police recruits. The classroom students are made to criticize whether the police officers were at par or below par in terms of preset benchmarks in terms of crime scene investigation. In addition, the international Association of Chiefs of Police (ACP) emphasized the importance of cameras to record the police officers’ actual handling of each crime scene. Police technology tips the balance of justice towards the peace makers. The article introduction to police technology clearly shows that the criminal syndicates have resorted to technology to bolster their criminal activities. With modern technology, the crime lords would outsmart the police officers. The crime lord daringly implemented their daring illegal activities under the very noses of the Police officers (in the dead of the night). The criminal elements would often use night vision goggles to watch over the encroaching police officers. With the use of emails, websites, and other internet-related technologies, the crime groups would boldly send messages to fellow group members on their next crime targets. The crime syndicates could not be stopped with the use of modern technology. The new set of police officers used modern police technology to track, gather evidences, and apprehend the crime members. Modern technology includes the use of modern weapons to counterattack each criminal activity. The use of modern technology included the use of “spy” devices to track the phone numbers of the crime members. Modern Technology Modern technology includes the use of satellites to locate a criminal’s car hurriedly escaping into the thick of the night sky into hiding. Modern technology uses the person’s body as a guide to easily locate a person who runs away from the crime scene to avoid being caught taking drugs or selling trucks. Modern technology includes the use of high technology customer care. In terms of technology, William Schwabe (2001) reiterated the old technologies that need replacements include radio equipment, training equipment, administrative systems, accounting systems, computers in the workplace, audio-visual equipment, crowd or riot control, protective gloves, helmets, shields, ballistic and stab resistant armor, integrated data bases of criminal minds and criminal groups in the community, conference call equipment, and cellular phones. Robert Snow (2007) theorized Modern technology includes the latest in fingerprinting technology. The Sacramento, California police department uses the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS). The program can access the police ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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