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Operations Management: Heathrow Airport (BAA) Process Technology - Essay Example

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Heathrow Airport (BAA) Process Technology Introduction The Heathrow Airport Process Technology presents an opportunity to explore how a Heathrow Airport organization can demonstrate an improvement in competitiveness. Therefore, the analysis of the Airport Process Technology provides the logistics of forming a concise operation management to bridging all resources together…
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Operations Management: Heathrow Airport (BAA) Process Technology
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Download file to see previous pages The many areas of operation within the Heathrow Airport Process Technology is in the variety of job duties that correlated to process tasks, such as, ticket ordering, baggage handling, and specialized reservations of airline travel. The understanding of how Heathrow Airport illustrates a project processes are in the affordability to implement a structured work flow. In doing so, the process tasks are either geared for successful fast processing or slow processing of ticket ordering. The defined starting of each process tasks from one point to the next is reviewed for determining how essential the overall operation can be proficient to managing a fast pace operation. Therefore, the area of focus of needed improvement is the registering of ordering tickets that reduces the amount of errors that creates delay in processing passengers in a timely matter. Body The operation design strategy for the Heathrow Airport is in the production of a processing methodology that illustrates a proficiency in managing large number of passengers. The defined processes are in the complexity of a large scale operation where the transferring of data to completing each transaction. The aspect of operations are currently at the Heathrow Airport in receiving millions of reservations are a challenge for IT management to instill order and proficiency (Weill, 2009). The formation of the manufacturing processes within the Heathrow Airport is in the projection of operation in implementing ticketing order, the jobbing assignment of employees, leading to the batch assessment for mass continuous of the operation tasks. Depending on the tasks outlined in the Heathrow Airport organization prior, the busy airport is dependent on the senior management decision making ability to structure the operation accordingly. The line standard process of tasks of receiving ticket online orders are to mirror the in person reservation at the airport. Thus, the process of gearing towards the accountability is to managing passengers in an orderly manner that does not overload the system. The internal system at Heathrow Airport is dependent on the airline representatives managing the incoming and outgoing passengers accordingly. Therefore, the continuous processes are set up at the front entrance with a baggage claimer willing to handle high volumes in a variety of ways. The extremely high volumes of traffic create a low productivity to moving passengers from point A to point B that is the reservation counters of airlines. Therefore, the need for a more productive means of managing the different reservations and methods of airlines can render a slow processing of orders. The service process types that occur during a day of receiving orders are in the method of processing the flow of financial transactions. Heathrow Airport operation structure of a mass service of incoming and outgoing passengers are on the basis of a standardize process method. Thus, the reservations stations are process tasking right near the entrance gates to dropping off the baggage of passengers to ease the flow of the volume (Williams, 2008). Therefore, the aspects of operations management is in the process tasks of allowing traffic to flow from one point of reference to another point of reference. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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