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Name 23 May 2011 SABMiller Company Analysis Every company applies its own marketing strategies and other management strategies in order to witness growth and development during every accounting or financial year. Much the same way, SABMiller, or South African Breweries as it was earlier known, soon acquired the company Miller and has developed into one of the biggest breweries in the world today…
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Analysis the case study sabmiller by gerry johnson 2010
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Download file to see previous pages This paper looks on at the company’s performance in the year 2009 and how this was significant in terms of having to apply a number of strategies and try and boost their results a few fold. Also, different strategies that may be applied by the company as futuristic options have also been discussed within the paper with the help of which the company will be able to decide its future advantages and demerits. Briefly speaking, during the year 2009, SABMiller took a number of important steps in order to ensure that the company received a high status and was acknowledged not only in its areas of control and operations but all over the world, on a global basis. It has tried to consolidate its position in the business environment, develop its market and products in the global market, and has also tried to expand and diversify its product detailing in order to develop a stronger and better customer and target base. Almost after ten years of being listed in the stock exchange board of London, the company moved from being number 88 to the 17th position in the FTSE. Its market capitalization had also increased almost four fold. It had become the second largest brewer in the world by global standards and had a number of worldwide brands listed in its brand portfolio. However, all this recognition and success for the company came at the hands of smart decision making, excellent thinking and implementation of action as well as making good choices for strategies. SABMiller had tried to establish itself in the market by taking on its competitors and making a name for itself. It tried to create a balanced environment for itself in the market, and tried to attract global businesses from all over the world to come and partner and collaborate with it in terms of providing clientele for suppliers. With time, the company has tried to acquire as many smaller units as it can in order to help itself grow and establish a network on an international basis. This has helped it to expand and make other people aware of its presence in the global market. The company has tried to exploit all kinds of opportunities available to it in different countries of operation and thus has also strengthened its position by joining hands with a number of partnerships and proprietors all over in order to not only give them a chance and raise its goodwill and morality but also help itself set a good network chain. The main aim of the company is to develop a strong portfolio name for the international market and keep its customers and consumers satisfied and happy so that they establish strong connections and contacts with the company with time. The company has thus tried to move into specialty brands and become bait for a more affluent consumer group. It has been trying to locate and provide the target consumers with their needs and wants and try and not let their goals shift from those of the company’s. Yet another strategy in the entire management of the company is its will to never stop striving to do better. The company has an excellent lookout towards its smaller units and collaborations and thus always makes sure that these small intermediaries are also satisfied in terms of the kind of work that they are all carrying out for the main company. Thus, it strives to constantly keep on raising the level of performance at every localized level that it has. Its manufacturing processes have taken a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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