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Franz Kavka, - Term Paper Example

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Name 22 May 2011 Kafka’s Distorted Reality Analysis Paper Franz Kafka was one of the greatest German novelists there ever were. His works have helped to change the world and bring about an evolution in human thinking with respect to surrealist thinking. He wrote often in long sentences, delivering his words through his stream of consciousness, and also used a vast variety of very ambiguous terms and words in his works…
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Franz Kavka,
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Download file to see previous pages Kafka, despite reverberating in all his greatness, was always consumed by the fact that death was absolute and approaching him almost all the time. He soon became obsessed with the fact and put forth a number of statements with respect to killing Jews all around him. In one of the articles chosen, it has been mentioned that, “Sometimes I'd like to stuff all Jews (myself included) into a drawer of a laundry basket-then open it to see if they've suffocated.” (Karra) Even in his works, for example in Metamorphosis, he talks about the emotional death that every man must face during the course of his lifetime. He also tries to show that it is not necessarily a bad thing; and that it is the doom that must fall upon all of mankind eventually. He tries to portray that a person can avoid and be free from death if he is crazy enough to commit suicide. He was sick of society, and on a different level, a little scared as well. This was because he was afraid to publish his works publicly and have them read and criticized by other people around him. Kafka spent a great amount of time trying to improve the image that he had created for himself around the people he lived with. He was also a hypochondriac, leading him to his infatuation with death subsequently. He feared losing himself in something he did not want to. He thus feared death as much as he welcomed it. Even though he resented Jews and openly wrote and talked about killing them and doing away with all of them including him, he did not foresee the Holocaust which took place soon after his death. The Holocaust had perhaps taken base on his ideas, who knows, because Kafka talked about suffocating Jews and that is exactly what happened in the gas chambers of the concentration and extermination camps set up by Hitler. In Metamorphosis however, Kafka has presented a completely different version of his character Gregor from that of himself. He writes that Gregor is a very socially acceptable man and is trying to make his own way in life and society. As Gregor is transformed into an insect, or his metamorphosis begins, he begins to see how no one is ready to take him for who he is. An insect is an unwanted bug by everyone, and soon he is kicked out of his own home by his parents and nobody within the society is willing to accept him for who he might be. No one can hear him or understand what he was trying to say either. Much the same way, according to Marx, “In small numbers, an animal so defenceless as evolving man might struggle along even in conditions of isolation.” Due to this, Gregor dies out of loneliness and isolation as he is not able to survive anymore, and this death is his pathway to freedom and liberation from the clutches and shackles of society that had bound him to surviving according to the needs and desires of other people. (Kafka, Franz) The concept of hunger artists have also been explained in this book as an artist who has been fasting during the time that he has been looking out for people who are interested in his work of art. Soon however, he dies because no one wills to show any interest, and the artist is forced to retreat back to his cage and suffer alone there. Kafka was an absurd man who never enjoyed what he really wrote himself. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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