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Success in college - Term Paper Example

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Success in College As a survival guide for success in college, I aim to bring upon a number of steps within my entirety which shall ensure that I remain head-on with the changes happening on a consistent basis. Therefore I need to be actively engaged and involved as far as my work manifestations are concerned…
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Success in college
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Download file to see previous pages As far as using the educational resources are concerned, I need to be apt with how these resources are made use of and what the best foot forward is when one thinks about the work representations. I can gain quite a lot if these educational resources are employed in a sound and positive way because this will mean that I am looking forward to receiving the best of education and academic intelligence which is needed in this day and age. This will also guarantee that I am aligned with how to make the best use of the changing technological facets which have come to the fore and which shall have a very strategic bearing on my growth and development over a period of time. For using the educational resources, I need to make the best use of my university library so that the hidden treasures within it are explored to the hilt. The articles, books and journals need to be discerned for finding out the very basics related with the respective subjects. This shall mean that I am doing my utmost to make sure that the wrong concepts and ideologies are taken care of in an appropriate way and any such apprehensions are also kept at bay within the thick of things (Hess, 2001). When one talks about the academic honesty dictum, I need to make sure that I remain one step ahead of the requirements which exist within the related fore. This can only happen if I know exactly how I will plan things accordingly and how I shall be able to reap rich dividends in the coming times. I would like to be head-on with the plagiarism policies which exist within an academic context. In order to be completely at par with the rules and policies, what I need to know is how I can make the best use of these academic principles, ethical considerations and the like so that I remain in line with the changing need dimensions of the time, more so when it concerns with the academic honesty discussions. Any university would dearly have an academic honesty policy that shall have implications for the plagiarism issues which come to the notice of all and sundry. These need to be avoided in order to bring upon success which is hidden beneath academic excellence. It is sound to know that in this day and age universities are undertaking efforts and initiatives to make sure that the dishonest students are removed from their realms because they add nuisance value to its lengths and breadths. Therefore all-out efforts should be in place to remain academically honest about one’s dealings and undertakings. From an educational perspective, it is always significant to know and find out what the long term and short term educational goals and objectives are. This means that these educational objectives need to be achieved over a period of time and proper concentration and attention must be paid towards the same. By this, I need to have clarity as far as comprehending how I can achieve success within the shortest possible time and what I need to do in order to bring out the best within my skills, abilities and competencies (McKenna, 2011). Indeed there would be a host of obstacles and difficulties which would stand in my way but what I must do under such circumstances is to make sure that I remain steadfast about my educational priorities and thus give my very best day in and day out. This shall allow me an understanding that I must always remain supreme as far as achieving my ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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