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The food crisis of 2008 had been threatening for a few years, mostly affecting the poor. A variety of causes but mostly man-made - Essay Example

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Name of the Student Professor Subject Causes of Global Food Crisis Hunger is the most violent expression of food crisis in this millennium. This is not just about being marginalized and starved. It is a social condition that precipitates death…
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The food crisis of 2008 had been threatening for a few years, mostly affecting the poor. A variety of causes but mostly man-made
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Extract of sample "The food crisis of 2008 had been threatening for a few years, mostly affecting the poor. A variety of causes but mostly man-made"

Download file to see previous pages In this essay, the writer attempts to explicate that among variegated causes of food crisis are population explosion, mismatch of developmental priorities, environmental degradation and climate change. Population explosion The world has reached a population of 6.85 billion in the mid-year of 2010 and is estimated to reach 7 billion by the end of 2011 (Rosenberg, 2011). This increasing statistics of population could reach a peak that challenges the limited resources of the world. This situation is further compounded with massive influx of people from the rural communities, with whom nations relied for agricultural production, into the urban community in search for jobs that can immediately transform labor to money. Most of whom unfortunately dwell in ghettos and less conductive urban communities, except for those who were lucky to land in corporate jobs or in entrepreneurial initiatives. This rise of global population and anent urbanization trend, if uncontrolled, has serious implication to food insecurity, mortality rate or severe malnourishment of children. It will generally affect the quality of life, delivery of social services, cause resource conflicts and increase of criminal rates and social malaise (Rosenberg, 2011). Thus, governments especially in developing countries have been advocating for reproductive health matters to limit populations in consideration to limited resources and services to be accorded to people. This is evidenced as crises are more felt in urban areas where people are vulnerable to volatile markets. On the other hand, rural communities are also confronted with difficulties in feeding their families with low income from farm produce against costly farm inputs and inflation (Lean, 2008) of prime commodities e.g. rice, sugar, oil and including skyrocketing prices of tuition fees in educational institutions, transportation and livestock’s food. Housing is incredibly a problem and albeit construction of villages, these homes are affordable only for those who have achieved a certain level of affluence to purchase properties. Indeed, increase of population means scaling up of utilization and maximization of resources, hence the wanton use of rainforests and wildlife. The inability to balance human needs and protection of environment presents detrimental condition—a world’s peril and damaging conflict of resource. Mismatch of Developmental Needs Recent developments made people grow grain to make fuel. Others raise crocodiles to fashion expensive bags. The worst side of this is that some countries are producing massive pineapples, mangoes, vegetation, rice and got best fishes only to be exported to rich countries while farmers, fishers and laborer were paid barely an amount for subsistence. In some developing countries, hug trees are cut to meet the construction needs of foreign nations while those who are leaving in logged sites content themselves with indigenous materials to live. People live in such irony. In United States, while there is recognition of decreasing wheat production as food in the last decades, whilst grain and oilseeds were also diverted for biofuel production (US Department of State, 2009). Such impacted to the prices of wheat and rice just as how the use of palm oil for biofuel is affecting soybeans and vegetable oils’s pricing. This is further influenced by monopolistic capitals which dictate prices in the market and exacerbated the effects of inflation rates. There is therefore an urgent need to evaluate development programs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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