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Are Undernourished Children more Susceptible to Respiratory Illnesses? An Ethnographic Study Part I: A Cover letter Subject: Addressing all parents of young children. Dear Sir / Madam, We have observed that an increasingly high number of young children seem to be suffering from respiratory trouble in this district…
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Download file to see previous pages If we can identify such conditions, it is possible to take steps to both, manage an effective cure, and prevent further incidents of these illnesses. For this reason, we are attempting to identify what possible areas of child nutrition need to be addressed. In an attempt to understand the possible sources of malnutrition in young children, we request all parents who have minors at home to participate in this study. All you are required to do is to fill out the attached questionnaire to your best knowledge. Your names are not required, as this assures the confidentiality of individual findings. If the study finds any cause for concern, your local health services will be intimated so that quick preventive measures can be taken. We thank you for your time and participation. Part I: B Questionnaire 1. Case no.______________ 2. Age of child:_____________ 3. Weight of child: _____________ 4. Height of the child: _______________ 5. Is the weight within the limits of the child's age norm? a. Yes b. No If no, then is the child: Underweight Overweight 6. Is the child suffering from any respiratory trouble at the moment? a. Yes b. No If yes, please describe the complaint: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7. ...
Does the child eat adequately each day? a. Yes b. No If No, please explain. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. Please indentify which of the following foods you child eats adequately on a daily basis. a. Fruit and Vegetables i. Not at all ii. 1-2 serving iii. 3-4 servings b. Rice / Grains i. Not at all ii. 1-2 serving iii. 3-4 servings c. Meats / Pulses and Lentils i. Not at all ii. 1-2 serving iii. 3-4 servings d. Dairy products i. Not at all ii. 1-2 serving iii. 3-4 servings e. Breads i. Non processed _______ servings ii. Processed ________ servings 10. Please describe a typical meal eaten at your home (what items are cooked; and in what manner?) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11. Are there particular items that the child refuses to eat / is not allowed to eat? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 12. Does the child have any food allergies? a. Yes b. No If Yes, please mention: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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