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Tatoo is good - Essay Example

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Tattoo is Good The world has grown and amplified itself with countless innovative initiatives and ideas not only in different fields of work but also in the lifestyles of the people. With the increasing fashion of new trends of ornamenting, and embellishment, tattoos nowadays, have become one of the most conventional, demanding, and universal amongst all…
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Tatoo is good
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Download file to see previous pages The tattoos designs are not just restricted to anchors, skulls, and battleships but now, ways and designs have come under findings by the populace as a mean to express themselves. A tattoo that is profound into the skin is a perforate lesion, where needles come under the use to pierce into the skin of an individual and infusion of ink through that needle occurs to make some type of a design. Since the tattoos are deep-rooted into ones’ skin, this attribute of tattoos make them lifelong stay on the body. Initially, hands came under use in operating the practice of tattoo making and there was no mechanical way of doing it, but with the advancement in technology, the tattoo artist makes use of a machine (electric gadget) to make the tattoo. In some remote areas of the world, the practice of making tattoos is still manual. The tattoo making is not a new art, as it has been in practice from scores of generations across the globe. In some parts of the world despite of being popular, is it considered as a symbol of religious and divine dedication, awards or medals of gallantry, sexual attraction or expression of love, lucky or good luck charm, security, and as the marks of outsider, slaves and guilty. Different religions and cultures have different concepts, meaning, and impact of the tattoos and its symbols. In recent years, moreover people make tattoos to express their feeling to their loved ones, whether it be mother, father, siblings, children, or someone special. Even some individuals make tattoos for cosmetic, monument, and magical grounds to get themselves coupled or recognized with a particular social or ethnic group. Tattoo is not a new concept and has been in existence for more than five thousand years. Tattoo is an unintentional invention by a person who got a small injury, and rubbed that cut with the hands full of dirt with fire ashes. The mark stayed on a permanent basis, which came under notice after the healing of the injury. The history of tattoos reveals the fact that tattoos has been in subsistence since the time of the civilization and has been present in many cultures around the world. Nevertheless, the modern history tells us that tattoos were most common amongst the military personnel in order to distinguish their identities in a particular group. Later on, it became in style amongst the common person (Diman, pp.121-150). People find tattoos, which is, making a symbol or picture on the body, as one of the artistic, unique, and innovative ways to broadcast everybody about the personality and their beliefs. People also use tattoos to express their harmony and shared/common views they have with another group, individual, or thoughts. Individuals even make tattoos in order to commemorate themselves with a significant and crucial incident or an event that is of high importance, value and meaningful for them due to the reason that a tattoo stays perpetually on their bodies. People often use tattoos as a symbol of articulation and expression. They make tattoos in the form of images or symbols that represents their faith, trust, passion, and obsession. The individual emboss a tattoo on their body when they are confident enough to show their commitment it in front of the world. Few people even use tattoos as a tool to beautify their bodies. They consider their body as an unprinted picture, which with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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