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Managing Diversity & Equal Opportunity - Essay Example

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Topic- Managing diversity & equal opportunity Question 1 You work as an HR manager of an organization and have recently been made aware of a situation, which has made employees in your department very upset. This is regarding the numerous complaints you have received about a staff member, who is being racially offensive towards individuals of non-white ethnic origins…
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Managing Diversity & Equal Opportunity
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Download file to see previous pages Provide a list of actions you would need to take as a manager to resolve this issue and also justify your answer. Introduction: Diversity is concerned with recognizing and valuing difference in cultures and ethnicities in the broadest sense. The thing that matters here is to create a working culture and related practices that recognize, respect, value and harness differences for the benefit of the organization as well as the individuals. Trust is an equal opportunities employer, which means that it is the Trust’s policy that there should be no discrimination, harassment, unfair treatment or victimization of any employee, job applicant, customer, provider of services or member of the public, neither directly nor indirectly on the grounds of race, nationality, gender, gender reassignment, marital or family status. Equality means creating a fairer society where everyone can participate and each individual has the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential. It is backed by legislations designed to address unfair discrimination based on membership of a particular group. Body: As an HR manager it is my responsibility and so I have the right to stop and prevent harassment and discrimination. Some of the ways in which I can fulfill my task is as follows: Supporting management by developing center policy and procedures for preventing and stopping ill and unfair treatment. Educating staff, particularly through induction and retraining, including specialized training for line managers. Helping the management to establish avenues of assistance at all duty stations for staff members who have experienced harassment or discrimination. Providing direct support and guidance to people involved in such issues Providing guidance to committees investigating harassment and discrimination complaints. Under the current situation, I have come to notice that in the organization some employees in my department are indeed upset, and I have found the reason to be an employee who is racially offensive towards individuals of non-white ethnic origins and discriminated as well as harasses them. As an HR manager, I am responsible for eradicating discrimination and harassment, which is the key to establishing a work place of dignity. To facilitate such an environment, I will ensure that All new appointees, including contractors and consultants, particularly, line managers and supervisors have relevant policies explained to them as part of their induction, early at the time of appointment. Appropriate retraining is given to the workforce from time to time, staffs are reinforced to understand the purpose, ramifications and implications for sustaining a workplace of dignity. Line managers receive specialized training on harassment and discrimination issues as they are the first line of defense and, therefore, must be made thoroughly aware of harassment and discrimination issues. They must act as role models, be alert to the emergence of such mistreatment problems in their workgroup and be aware of their responsibilities as they are empowered to act expeditiously and appropriately. It is my duty to solve this problem and as a solution, I would brief the alleged employee to stop his discrimination and to concentrate on the work assigned to him. If he still fails to understand the need to treat his colleagues with respect and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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