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Karl marx - Essay Example

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Name 16 May 2011 Karl Marx – Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon Written and published in the year 1852, the Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon Bonaparte by Karl Marx was originally found in the New York based ‘Die Revolution’. It was a monologue written by Marx on the political and historical opinions that he contained with respect to the growing age under Bonaparte and his military coup d’etat…
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Karl marx
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"Karl marx"

Download file to see previous pages He intended to help the readers understand the kind of pain that these classes were being placed into by the rule that had been established in France at the time, and how the dictatorship failed to notice the plight of the commoners, which further led to a pitfall in the politics as well as economy of the country. Through his writing, Marx tried to help the people to understand that even a commoner could come to terms with the entire situation and circumstance and play the rightful part of a hero by lifting the pressure that the lower classes had been engulfed into because of the rule that persisted in the country at the time. It was leading to a major deterioration in the economy’s cycle, not to forget the happiness factors of society at large. One of his most famous quotes help to provide readers of the Brumaire with Marx’s views on an individual’s life within society at the time in France. ...
anxiously conjure up the spirits of the past to their service and borrow from them names, battle cries, and costumes in order to present the new scene of world history in this time-honoured disguise and language.” By this, Marx means to throw light on how the rise of Bonaparte led to a downfall of the people and how the country suffered on the basis of their societal aspects because of harsh and unfair decisions taken by a single man. This quote means that a man has a destiny to follow, and thus he must follow the path of his life with respect to the same, while creating new opportunities for himself. Most people are under the impression that whatever is in store for them will happen eventually, however a man must try and create solution for himself to live his life with ease and peace. Life throws a number of situations and circumstances towards a person during his lifetime, and these are the opportunities that a person perceives. He must have the ability to figure out on his own what must be done in a given situation because otherwise he might end up regretting and hurting himself as well as others around him. According to Marx following a set tradition laid down by ancestors was not the way by which life was meant to be lived. He writes that it is this tradition that weighs people down in the present as they are hell bent on trying to imitate the lives that their forefathers had undergone. Even though some men try and break free from such a historical presence present in their lives, they somehow fall short at the very last moment as the past catches up with them and weighs them down. A man must be strong in his will and determination to be able to live a life for himself despite whatever he must have gone through earlier, or despite whatever hardships his family ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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