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On The Box Assessment 2011 - Essay Example

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Anisa Widya Kirana – Academia Research On the box assessment 2011 May 17 2011 Question 1: The American Airlines Advert of “James Gandolfini on New Yorkers” Imagery is the usage of details and descriptions in order to create a sensory experience for the reader or watcher…
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On The Box Assessment 2011
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Download file to see previous pages The American Airlines Advert of “James Gandolfini on New Yorkers” has described a big picture of how busy the lives of New Yorkers. The imageries tell the viewers that New York has busy activities inside and it seems that New York is a never ending city. When you look up to the beeping taxi, it reflects how demanding the New Yorkers are. Based on my views, the advert also draws the condition of how New Yorkers want perfection in every single aspect of their lives; but the perfection they want is not always supported by comfortable situation that can make them happy. As the conclusion of the advert imagery, The American Airlines gives solution to what has been faced by the New Yorkers regarding their demand of perfection. What really makes this advert having representative imagery mostly because of the real circumstances shown; like the yellow taxi, New York City view from the landscape, and citizens` activity. Even someone who has not visited New York could feel as if he is in the city; the feeling is particularly represented by the use of black limo and yellow taxi which actually gives picture of night and day life in New York City. If imagery influences viewers to their visual assumption, advert might also need music as a part of the purpose delivered. Music is an art form whose medium is sound which has pitch that governs melody and harmony, rhythm that its associated concepts are tempo, meter, and articulation, dynamic, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture (“music” on Analyzing the intro music on this American Airlines advert, personally I feel like entering a cozy dining place; it seems that as a customer I am treated well and be welcomed as a very important person. The music sounded for this advert is rather classical one and it releases viewers from stress feeling. It has emphasized an impact to busy lifestyle by sounding classical piano on the advert. Even though in the middle of this advert there are sounds of distraction - like when the driver yells to someone outside the car – but this advert concludes nicely at the end. As I imagine, the music used on this advert can be said like an egg; wrap well, but it is fragile and ready to pop out anytime. The cover of the egg is the intro and the end of the music played, while the content of the egg is the terrible disturbance during the middle part of the advert. Based on this analysis, it gives a philosophy drawn for the American Airlines that their service cannot be cracked easily if they keep the good work and give the best pleasure to the passengers. The American Airlines strongly make the egg on its position in comfortable refrigerator. To sum up, its music on this advert convinces the passengers not to be worried at all using their services. Imagery and music are two important parts for an advert to be published, but to convince the viewers more, language style is needed to be designed well too. For an understanding, language may refer either to the specifically human capacity for acquiring and using complex systems of communication, or to a specific instance of such a system of complex communication; in which the approximate of 3000-6000 languages are spoken by humans today (“language” on Communication is a very basic importance for people to reach understanding and agreement; without communication, every single aspect in this life would ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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