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Harriette Walters - BACKGROUND - Essay Example

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Topic: Date: University: Harriette Walters – Background Introduction Ms. Harriette Walters worked for the District of Columbia office of tax and revenue. She was in the real property tax administration. She started her carrier as an employ at the real property tax administration and promoted timely to a mid-level manager…
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Harriette Walters - BACKGROUND
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Download file to see previous pages Year Money Position 1989 $31735 Accounting technician in the real property division of department of finance and revenue D.C. 1990 $ 47,017 Accounting technician 1991 $ 160,153 Accounting technician 1992 $ 4,711 Accounting technician 1993 $ 246,301 Accounting technician 1994 $ 1,237,425 Accounting technician 1995 $ 1,423,238 Accounting technician 1996 $ 243,425 Accounting technician 1997 $ 543,423 Accounting technician 1998 $275894 Accounting technician 1999 $ 1,244,52 Accounting technician 2000 $ 2,587,831 Accounting technician 2001 $ 3,970,987 Manager of the Adjustment Unit in the Assessment Services Division 2002 $ 3,661,748 Manager 2003 $ 4,771,787 Manager 2004 $ 8,641,720 Manager 2005 $ 6,727,130 Manager 2006 $ 7,697,097 Manager 2007 $ 5,744,497 Manager Timeline for Harriette Walters’ Fraudulent Schemes (Gray & Evans 2011) Working Background  Ms. Harriette Walters started her carrier in 1981 as an accounting technician in the real property department of the D.C office of Tax and revenue. At that time the office of tax and revenue was department of tax and revenue. In the beginning Walters noticed the system and made fake documents like checks and other such document in collaboration with a coworker. Shortly thereafter, she realized that, she can work in a much safer manner. She made the checks refund to her friends and family members. She made fake residential addresses of her friends and family member and made the property tax refund checks. All this work was done with great care, to ensure that the refund checks and fake residential addresses would look normal. These checks ranged from 800 to 3000 dollars but it is nearly impossible to determine the exact amount of checks by the investigators during 1980’s (Jacoby, Lorigo & McCallum 24). Why It Last That Long? The fraud cases were prepared with great care and Walters even checked minor errors and tried to make as less mistakes as possible. The document should look genuine. The fake copies were made as real as possible. Sometimes the documents were copied many times to produce real looking document (Jacoby, Lorigo & McCallum 24). The official requirements like official letter heads and signatures from different officials were there to go with the refund check requests (Jacoby, Lorigo & McCallum 24). She then prepared the documents which had the fake name and address and rather than mailed, she checked the option of “held for pickup”. The refund checks were sent to the revenue department from where Walters picked the checks up and cashed them (Jacoby, Lorigo & McCallum 24). Starting the Scheme In 1989, Ms. Harriette Walters processed the first fake documented refund check. The checked is payable to Alethia Grooms having worth of $4060. The next three years, Harriette Walters processed 13 more such fraudulent checks which have the worth of over $65000 which were paid to Alethia Grooms and some other person (Jacoby, Lorigo & McCallum 24). Walter then increased the amount of fraudulent refund and focused her attention on the processing of fraudulent refund checks for commercial checks instead of residential property. To achieve her goals, she involved her family members and close friends in her scheme (Jacoby, Lorigo & McCallum 24). She made fraud companies with her family members and other accomplices that never existed and claimed the refund check for the fake companies. She developed a power strategy to ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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