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Solar energy as an alternative energy source - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: Another Energy Source: Solar Energy On Friday 13th, 2011, it was the first time for a solar energy powered plane to make its first flight international flight. It showed the potential for pollution free air travel. It took the 13hr flight to land at Brussels from Payerne air field in Western Switzerland…
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Solar energy as an alternative energy source
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Download file to see previous pages ( 2011) Solar energy is more abundant, less exhaustible, and a more population free than any other source. Active and passive solar energy types are the major ones. The active systems are those that capture, stores, and distribute that energy from the sun. Passive systems provide the avenues for the sun to enter and they rely on natural airflow to provide distribution. (Goel, 2005 p109) The active solar system includes a collector, a storage mechanism and a distribution device. This type of the solar system has overcome the age-old problem of solar concept wholly. It is the most needed when the sun is not shinning at right for example, the storage area is usually water such as, an indoor swimming pool, stores or bricks located in the basement. The heat can be distributed as the need arises and it is extracted by means of pumps or fans, depending on the storage method. A passive solar system is not expensive as active system because it has only a device for collection which consists of a south facing solar panel that collects the sun rays. The method is effective in greenhouses and homes equipped with another back up heat source. The construction technique is followed to ensure heat is held once captured. Passive solar energy are used to heat water, grain, distilled water and also used in cooking. According to (Smith and Taylor, 2008 p2), the latest development with the solar energy concerns converting the sun rays that is, radiant energy, into electric energy. The second thermodynamics law states that heat is usually lost when we change the form of energy. The research indicates that 99% of radiant energy from the sun is lost in form of heat leaving the earth’s surface. The main goal of using solar energy to produce electrical energy is to use more efficiently the escaped heat of the sun. There is a more indirect method of converting the solar energy to electrical power. More research is being conducted lately on the direct conversion of sunlight to electricity by the use of solar cells. These solar cells are in need of more development before they are readily available to the public. The solar energy supply is unlimited and the supply is also renewable. The reliance of fossils fuel thus indirect population by the amount of solar produced can be reduced. Solar is a necessity because of the demand increase on the traditional energy and also the increasing costs relating to such an increase. There is no population generated as a result of its use. Every watt of power generated from the sun reduces the population thus solar energy is an excellent alternative energy. Other than the costs of manufacturing of the component, their purchasing and the installation costs, there are no other costs that are associated with the use after the initial investment outlay. To meet the needs, the electric solar system can be expanded by installation of more panels. It is notable that the demand of fossil fuels that is oil and natural gas decreases as the usage solar energy increases. Other advantages of alternative sources of energy is solar electric system can eliminate greenhouses gas emissions by an amount of 18tons. The solar energy can be used for the remote applications, heat water and space heating. (Craddock David, 2008 p 13) Solar energy as an alternative source of energy has various disadvantages too. Solar energy projects that are Large scale commercial involves a large area of land and involves ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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