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How creative are the filmmakers when presenting a story - Essay Example

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Running Head: Filmmakers and Creativity Filmmakers and Creativity Filmmakers and Creativity Introduction In particular, it is an observation that filmmakers’ job is not an easy one, and he/she plays a significant role in bringing positive or negative alterations in minds of human society…
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How creative are the filmmakers when presenting a story
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Download file to see previous pages Memento There is a usual ‘noir and revenge’ narrative behind Memento (Mottram, 2002). A husband seeks vengeance on the individual who killed his wife and left him with his condition. The police force could not be of assistance to him in finding the killer. The only aid he has is his somewhat suspiciously motivated female friend who is a barmaid. In addition, the entire plot plays in a completely ‘anonymous, bleak, and blank setting’ that puts emphasis on the seclusion of the leading role. Distinctive moods of typical film noir, for instance, isolation, loneliness, disappointment, negativity, immorality, guiltiness and mainly mistrust, can be found in Memento. In addition, the film is full of ‘noirish flashbacks’ and it has no ‘happy ending’ (Kania, 2009). It’s exclusively prepared storyline makes this movie so unique and different. Even though the narrative behind the movie is quite easy, the storyline structure is very difficult and smart, which requires continuous concentration of its viewers (Mottram, 2002). The memory loss issue of the leading role in addition to his confused and mostly pathetic efforts to slowly place the mystery of his wife’s killing together is cleverly connected to the way the entire story is told. The reverse storyline structure of the key plot with its ending being shown during the initial five minutes of the movie, the replacement of color and black and white sequences, and the fact that a few parts of the movie are displayed more than once, are believed to make the spectators feel as perplexed as Leonard (leading role) is. However, the closer the film gets to the closing part the less the spectators are perplexed as they can remember things that Leonard cannot. Memento is a sign of a movie that may have had a low finances, but came together with a lot of thinking, intelligence and especially persistence (Mottram, 2002). Due to the exceptional and complex approach of narration, this movie not just ‘needs but also deserves multiple viewings’ (Mottram, 2002). Memento symbolizes an achievement of writing, directing, as well as acting. This movie belongs to the ‘neo-noir and revenge’ movie genre. One of the most significant features of classic movie noir is the plot, since all these movies had some similarities: They were all gloomy, distressed stories and they were all set in current settings of the city, or the inner-city cover. Their tales usually revolve around law and order, with strangers, entrepreneurs as well as criminals’ busy scheming vengeance or killing. The mood constantly stays the same. Classic film noir tales, regardless of their detail, are always gloomy, infatuated and packed with mysterious plan. Part of this gloom is to do with an unavoidable destiny that takes its ill harvest no matter what (Mottram, 2002). Memento has the features of ‘classic film noir’ (Kania, 2009). Frame of mind in addition to tone, exemplified this genre. One of the methods applied is the very dim lights, which makes it difficult to understand the action. The use of nighttime as well as silhouettes is a persistent aspect of noir movies, putting emphasis on aloofness along with obscurity. In the movies, the world usually appears like a detention center, this is mostly revealed by image metaphors, ‘like sun blinds’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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