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Aberdour - Coursework Example

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The below mentioned report is an environmental report which is mainly based on some of the species of Animals, Seeds as well as Birds. The specimens were taken from same or different places, but the final observation differs a lot…
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Extract of sample "Aberdour"

Aberdour report Introduction The below mentioned report is an environmental report which is mainly based on some of the species of Animals, Seeds aswell as Birds. The specimens were taken from same or different places, but the final observation differs a lot. In the first two figures (provided that those two were from the same shore) the zonation pattern of the species varies a lot in the same species. So it is an interesting point to note as well as to research. Comparison between the Zonation Pattern of transects from Site A and B:- Transects from site A and Site B were from the same shore, although they have a lot of difference in their zonation pattern. Looking at both the figures given, Ascophyllum nodosum has totally different represented structure in the second figure as compared to first. Max scale level in the first figure is in C group, but in the second figure, it is only included in F group. Limpets also have different represented structure in the second figure as compared to first. Max scale level in the first figure is in C group, but in the second figure, it is only included in O group. Difference between Exposed Shore and Sheltered Shore Sheltered rocky shore is one where on earth the tide/waves cannot crash onto it; such as one where within a bay offering is some protection. Exposed rocky shore is a short time ago the opposite, nil to stop waves crashing onto it. Exposed can be worse for deep-sea life as the pounding of the top can damage some organisms e.g. could construct them lose their grip on the rocks. Further, organisms that can withstand the exposed shore are prone to less predatory effects and as a consequence can survive longer. A sheltered shore shows high biodiversity, near competition for space and resources. An exposed shore may still have a lofty density of organisms but the number of species present is lower. Obvious associations between animals and seaweeds on the shores examined:- According to the shores examined, only two groups O and R are showing obvious association, as the group interval given in the diagram for both the groups is same. In all other groups (S, A, C, F), the interval varies by small or huge difference. So it is clear from the observation that obvious association in this case is lesser then obvious disassociation. Also as I discussed in the last section about the zonation pattern of two different sites, those two were different from each other on a major basis. So it reflects in the obvious association also (The obvious association in this case is lesser then the obvious disassociation). Conclusion As stated in the above report, the kite diagram helps a lot to understand the variation in the zonation pattern of the observation at same or different shore. The data provided varies a lot from point to point, but with the help of the Kite diagram, the exact variation can be found out and it was stated as the report. Read More
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