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How do Game Technologies affect the living world nowadays in different category compared to the past and the near future - Essay Example

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Course Date How do Game Technologies affect the living world nowadays in different category compared to the past and the near future? 1. Introduction The dawn of the age of computers has given us many benefits and has made our lives more convenient…
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How do Game Technologies affect the living world nowadays in different category compared to the past and the near future
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Extract of sample "How do Game Technologies affect the living world nowadays in different category compared to the past and the near future"

Download file to see previous pages Just like other computer technologies, this field also keeps on improving year after year in terms of speed, graphics, logical and skills requirements. Games have great effects on their users and these factors have been impacting the societies since their invention. Some of the effects of gaming technologies in the past, as well as predicted effects in the future will be discussed in the paper. The current trends and effects of the gaming technologies will also be discussed. 2. Gaming Technologies in the Past The gaming technology initiated in the 1970s and has seen remarkable response from the customers ever since. Kooijmans provided the information that Nintendo was one of the pioneers in the gaming industry; they were known to sell 3 games every second from the year 1983 to 1995. This figure meant that every teenager in the world possessed one of their games. The first generation of computers was based on geometrical shapes, slower motion of objects and limited quality of sound effects, for example PONG and Pacman. The technologies were limited in those days since gaming technologies have always made use of the prevailing technologies in the market. Only one or more objects screen could be controlled by the player. 2.1 Impact on Health Gaming technologies were considered to be a occasional source of entertainment, whereas other activities included outdoor activities and sports. Media and gadgets had not taken over the society; rather they were used as means to get work done. Gaming technologies had limited features, controls and possibilities that were soon conquered by the user. The limited nature of entertainment played a role in the technology staying as a source of entertainment, and not becoming a addiction. The situations and graphics were not very close to reality. The sound effects also did not participate in making the whole experience addictive. Due to the lack of addiction, individuals spent less number of hours in playing games, thus no health issues became evident among the users in those times. 2.2 Impact on Social Skills Gaming technologies in the past were not available on a variety of gadgets which limited its usage and impact on the user’s lifestyle. The immobility of the gaming technologies helped the individual to maintain his personal relations and outdoor activities. People were still socially active and would participate productively in discussions. 2.3 Impact on Aggression Level The aggression level in gaming technologies was not a matter of concern till the 1980s and 1990s when Nintendo and Sony PlayStation launched new generations of games, respectively. Earlier, the games mainly involved the journey of a character to a certain place, coupled with minor barriers. The games were not known to have any element of aggression in them. On the contrary, Gardner used classic games, like Mario Bros, to help in the psychotherapy of children in activities like motor coordination, foresee and handle matters on the basis of past experiences etc. These games would not be chosen for clinical purposes if they had high levels of aggression in them. 2.4 Impact on Education There is no significant role of the gaming technologies in the field of education in the early years of the invention. 3. Impact of Gaming Technologies in the Current Times The advent of innovative technologies has improved games to a great extent as the game developers can incorporate greater ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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