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FUNDAMENTALS OF E-BUSINESS Table of Contents FUNDAMENTALS OF E-BUSINESS 1 Table of Contents 2 Executive Summary 3 Introduction 3 Website Structure Design and Concepts 4 Findings 6 Branding 6 Social Networking 7 Mass Customisation 9 Conclusion and Recommendations 11 References 12 Executive Summary Internet technology has revolutionized the functioning of business organizations and individuals alike…
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Download file to see previous pages The present study would analyse the website of Sina which is a news and media company that provides news and other related content on its website. The study would evaluate the brand with regards to the design structure and content as well as analysis of the branding strategy of the organization using the online channel. Apart from this aspects of social networking and mass customisation would also be included in the study. The study would analyse the website of the organization on the basis of all the above mentioned elements. This would also include analysis of the demerits as well as possible corrective measures or strategies. The study would end with a section that summarises the findings of the study and also puts forth set of plausible recommendations that would enable the firm to ensure sustainable competitive advantage in the market. Introduction The business environment prevailing in this world resembles a highly competitive market environment where business organizations are engaged in cut throat competition. Globalisation has also led to business organizations breaching geographical and political boundaries to reach out to new markets to leverage the potential of the opportunities of different markets. This has also enhanced the aspect of competition in the business markets as firms are essentially resorting to price war that has further intensified competition as the profit margins of the companies have been squeezed. In order to differentiate the products and services firms are essentially adopting different means to reach out to customers in an attempt to increase awareness and improve the brand image and positioning of their products and services among the minds of the target market audience. The advancement in internet technology has opened yet another channel for business organizations to showcase their products and services to a wide and large number of target market audiences. The immense reach and potential of this channel has made its one of the powerful channels for business organizations to showcase their products. The growing popularity of online social networking sites has also opened up greater opportunities for this channel. The present study would analyse the online communication channel of Sina which is a leading media house based in China. The study would evaluate the aspect of web design as well as it underlying concepts as well as branding, mass customisation and the aspect of social networking that affects the brand image of the organization. The study would also have a set of plausible recommendations for the organization that would enable it to maintain a roadmap of positive growth and sustainability in the business markets. Website Structure Design and Concepts In order to effectively leverage the opportunities of the online channel it is highly essential to have a website that has a good design and attractiveness so as to make an appeal among the members of the target audience. It is also essential to include a suitable content for readers and visitors so as to create awareness of the website in the minds of the customers. Sina is a media company that larges uses the online channel for its business. The main areas of business include news and related contents, mobile service, online and community gaming as well as online shopping portal. The revenues of the firm mainly arise from advertising ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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