I have decided to conduct my research on comparing and contrasting the romanticism and enlightenment period. I plan on focusing - Essay Example

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The Eighteenth century is also called a period of Enlightenment. This age observed political U turn of the restoration itself and marched few changes in the literature, the drama took a new took a new lease of life, prose and fiction turned into a novel proper, poetry became more witty, the period is therefore labeled some times as the age of reason or Augustus Age as several writers drew parallel between their own age and that of King Augustus Caesar…
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I have decided to conduct my research on comparing and contrasting the romanticism and enlightenment period. I plan on focusing
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Download file to see previous pages As “the government has re imposed the Anglican Book of Common prayers and has debarred the Non Conformists from holding religious meetings outside the established Church .A series of religion-fuelled crises forced Charles to dissolve Parliament, and led to the division of the country between two new political parties: Tories, who supported the king, and the Whigs, the king’s opponents.…”(Norton Anthology Of English Literature).Everything including Science went through development ,Time and Space were explored, development of Microscope and telescope opened new sense of vision, the authority of Aristotle and Ptolemy was broken and a new concepts were explored .The writers of this reign called this period Augustan as they believed that the English life has reached to the culminating period of civilization which existed in Rome under the rule of King Augustus. The art was formalized and there was little appreciation of Nature or beauty. The men of this age exalted the reason and regularity. They carried dislike for the emotions, enthusiasm and strong individuality as exhibited in the previous generation literature they sought for a conventional uniformity in manners, speech, and in everything else, and were uneasy if they deviated far from the approved, respectable standards of the body of their fellows. Great poetic imagination hardly exists among them. The poetry was full of abstract expressions and was intended to secure the elegance it often found substitute in superficiality instead of significant meanings. In the pursuit of highest possible perfection in the literature, as the ancients have achieved, their work resulted in shallow formal smoothness. Their strong tendency of moralising was also not free from conventionality and superficiality. In contrast to this was a period of Romanticism that saw the end of dominance of the Renaissance tradition. It observed the “fragmentation of consciousness away from the cultural authority of Rome” (Claire Lamont, 274); there was rediscovery of local cultures and vernacular literature. Romantic Literature is strong in many vernaculars of Rome as suggested by Claire Lamont in The Oxford Illustrated history Of English literature. The Romantic period saw the change in philosophy, politics and religion. It observed change in the art such as painting, music and literature. The Romanticism was a direct reaction to the rationalism of the Eighteenth century; it was a reaction to the physical world dominated by the science and the mental world dominated by the theories of Locke. The romantic poets rebelled against the ‘emphases’ on the commonsense and material as dominated by the preceding age. As the Romantic period coincided with the French Revolution there is much enactment of revolutionary ideas in the work of some of the poets. There are two generation of poets that represent the Romantic period, William Blake, Wordswoth and Coleridge are the elder generation of poets, and they were fired with revolutionary ideas. William Blake, one of the elder generation of poets was an engraver by profession and he was a great painter, he supplemented his training as painter and engraver by wide reading of the works of Dante, Shakespeare and Milton. The first collection of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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