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Decision Making Assignment - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: Decision Making Models Decision making can be termed as a process that involves selecting an alternative course of action and results to getting what you want by using knowledge or what one can learn. Decisions are of a particular matter or an issue conclusions and judgments…
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Decision Making Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Value refers to what one visualizes significance in life that is, what is right or valuable in life. Values provides priorities setting base for deciding worthwhile actions and goals and less important ones and thus gives meaning to the life’s of people. By knowing the values of a family for example, the members of the family can decide on the goals, make the required and critical decisions and subsequently take the needed action which can meet the predetermined goals. Some differences and individual conflicts have to be resolved by establishing the best way while forming a basis for the family values using the individual values. A decision maker must be acquitted on the environment on which the decisions are being made. The environment comprises of opportunities, limitations and change possibility. Where there is presence of only one course of alternative, there can be no decision to be made. One possible alternative can not constitute a decision making process. In existence of limited choice, where one has a choice of selecting to undertake an action or to decline taking action, there is involvement of decision making in such a situation. Primarily, the decisions can concern personal or individuals while others can involve the community wholly or the society at large. The other decisions may engage group members. A group of members carry easily, acceptable decisions more efficiently if involved in the process of decision making. If there is suggestion of more available alternatives and options that are not productive as identified earlier, group decisions are always better. Decisions may be reached through dominance that is, submission where the situation is dominated by one person and others consent with the decision as it is made. This is however, given the name to as win-lose situation. A win-win situation can also be adopted through what is called conversions. Additional points of facts are brainstormed, presented, and the person persuades the others members of the group. Through integration, decisions can be reached through synthesis of the developed ideas which can be agreed upon and supported by everyone. They are many types of decisions which can be differentiated by their content. These types includes social and in other terms human decisions which involves goal setting and the various priorities that determine and influence the individuals general roles and the relationships of the group individuals. Decisions involving allocation of resources and distribution of these available resources among the various set goals are economic and in other term can be called allocation decisions. Another type of a decision is technical decisions which describes what, how, who, when, and why to accomplish a specific task and also regarding the efficient allocation of resources to attain a single goal. The other type of a decision relates to social economic and technical matters. They can be called coordination and interaction decisions because they deal with family communications and also the larger community and the kind of the needed information, while making other decisions, and way of motivating people to carry out their roles. Decisions are not dependent and also interrelated among each other. This makes the decision making process to be termed as dynamic. Decisions are often affected by and affects other decisions at appoint in time. There are models used ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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