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Politics of Globalisation - Essay Example

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Neoliberalism is an ideology according to which the nations and states are concerned about the absolute goals rather than the relative goals with respect to other nations. The concept of neoliberalism is based on the fact that the nations and states are interested in the institutions through which cooperation between states can be established based on mutual and common interests through cooperation and compromises…
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Politics of Globalisation
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Download file to see previous pages Both the system considers the state as the primary unit of analysis and the analysis is based on the absolute and relative goals of a state (Cafruney & Ryner, 2003). Neoliberalism is actually a theoretical approach to the study of institutions also described as neoliberal institutionalism. This ideological concept was developed in the mid 1980’s as a reaction to the dominance of the neorealist theory. The followers of neoliberalism strongly believe that international cooperation is possible and is very important for the progress of states in the international scenario. Neoliberalism lays foundation of the ideology on the concepts from neorealism according to which the states are rational, unitary actors which look to maximize their utility in an anarchic international system. ...
ecisions made by the international institutions and international bodies when they are against their interests and restrict them from carrying out certain economic or strategic operations. States are the principal actors in the world politics and they use international organizations to create social orders which can be helpful in achieving shared goals and objectives. These cooperative processes and operations include the production of collective goods, collaborating for regional peace and security concerns and establishing effective communication between states to achieve collective goals. The institutional and regime control represents a major progress in the understanding of international and regional cooperation but in these institutions and regimes have failed to establish their effective role and existence in the modern scenario of international relations. The most important achievement of the regime theory and the institutional approach is the analysis of power dynamics and power distribution in the international politics but this also act as a negative point against neoliberalism when it fails to justify the misconduct on part of the powerful states in the international politics when they suppress the interests of smaller states (Atasoy, 2009). In a purely ideal and proper neoliberal model of international politics the states are supposed to establish a cooperation and interaction between themselves on the basis of reciprocity but the actual scenario is far from being ideal in which the power states use the smaller states for their own interests and exploit their resources and materials without giving them the due share in the benefits and development achieved on the basis of the resources of these smaller states. Such an approach by the international strong ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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