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Discuss the balance between ludological (gameplay) elements and narratological (story) elements in games. Is one more important - Essay Example

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Perspectives: Narratological vs. Ludological Narratology studies narrative and the theories of narrative structure and the ways they affect our perception, as well as attention. This is applicable to any narrative, and in its classic studies, non-literary narratives were commonly taken up…
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Discuss the balance between ludological (gameplay) elements and narratological (story) elements in games. Is one more important
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Extract of sample "Discuss the balance between ludological (gameplay) elements and narratological (story) elements in games. Is one more important"

Download file to see previous pages The ultimate goal of such analysis is to move from a taxonomy of elements to an understanding of how these elements are arranged in actual narratives, fictional and nonfictional.” [Pradl 1984] A typical application of narratological methodologies would include sociolinguistic studies of storytelling and in conversation analysis or discourse analysis that deal with narratives arising in the course of spontaneous verbal interaction. The study of narrative is particularly important since our ordering of time and space in narrative forms constitutes one of the primary ways we construct meaning in general. The narratological approach is characterised by its overriding concern with narrative structure, and the close attention it pays to the effects that this structure has on the shaping and unfolding of narratives. Literary theory and narratology have also been very helpful to understand cybertexts and videogames. Narratology theories are used to bring the aspect of storytelling, a scenario, a scene, characters and a plot of which the user plays through and experiences and takes part in the story that unfolds. Rhetorically Narratological elements in games, especially in videogames, are somewhat makes them more stunning to public and to players. They somewhat brings the beauty inside the game. The players, sometimes, tend to spend more attention to the story of the game than to the gameplay or the environment of the game. Take along this RPG’s (role-playing games) for example, Star Wars the game, players tend to stay focused and tuned-in on the story than being focused on the interactivity of the game. In other words, they are having the willingness to complete the game mainly because they want to know what happens next in the story. They become eager to advance the game from one level to another for the next plot. Apparently, game designers tend to have their work based on books, epics, legends, myths, heroes, or even on films. By this, they attract players more. As far as Narratology is concerned and used in videogames and in cybertexts, here comes ludology - “the academic study of videogames” [Keats 2006]. Using narratological elements as framework in designing a game is indeed very useful, yet it cannot be the only framework to be applied. Ludology from the words ludus means game and logus study. It speaks of the gameplay of a game. It scrutinizes the interactivity of the game. The acts you will make in order to move inside the game, the graphics, the setting, colours, sizes and shapes, etc. It talks about how the game will appear on screen. Ludology is obviously widely used in games. It is where critiques site their comment. They would not say “This game sucks. It has a vague story.” The ludology perspective is useful and can stand alone than narratology is. It directly applies to some games. For example players do not play tetris for a story. They would not bother asking “Where is entertainment here? Where is the story?” Also in popular games like Mario by Nintendo are better suited as a game and criticised on its gameplay and graphics rather than on the story. Most players tend to play a Mario game not to see if Mario meets Princess Peach but for each level’s design and other gameplay elements that make the game more exciting. Narratology and ludology are being opposed by most. However, these two adjacent and independent perspectives must be clearly understood to arrive on to a bigger ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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