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Comparison of Jewish Passover with Roman Catholic Last Supper and Easter - Essay Example

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Running head: COMPARISON OF JEWISH PASSOVER WITH ROMAN CATHOLIC LAST SUPPER AND EASTER Comparison of Jewish Passover with Roman Catholic Last Supper and Easter Insert name Insert Insert 4 May 2011 Outline Introduction Comparison of Jewish Passover with Roman Catholic Last Supper and Easter Worship Analysis possible connections exist between Christianity and the world religion Conclusion Comparison of Jewish Passover with Roman Catholic Last Supper and Easter Introduction There exists an enthusiastic and overwhelming comparison between the Jewish Passover and the Roman Catholic Last Supper and Easter…
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Comparison of Jewish Passover with Roman Catholic Last Supper and Easter
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, the Easter holiday is celebrated by Christians to demonstrate the significance of the painful death of Jesus on the cross for the sake of sin redemption on humankind. The celebrations that are held to mark these events are usually in the accompaniment of beliefs, performance of rituals, and a recall of the history of the real happenings. The leadership in every Christian movement is charged with the responsibility to lead their congregations in conducting such events. The scriptures of the Bible containing relevant information in regards to the events are duly emphasized via repeated reading sessions during the commemoration seasons. Additionally, every aspect of the above issues has a comparison with another in another practice in the Christianity realms. The practices, in every form of Christian group, entail performance of reverent worship, whose conduction is similar in some groups and dissimilar in others, though all directed to the almighty God. Nevertheless, fervent connections are in existence between the Jewish Passover with Roman Catholic Last Supper and Easter, where every practice in the Old Testament is balanced and linked to another in the New Testament, making the celebrations to ultimately be intertwined (Cobb John and McAfee Ward 134). The discussion in this paper seeks to establish a comparison of Jewish Passover with Roman Catholic Last Supper and Easter. The comprehension of this discussion is motivated by investigating a variety of issues, the comparisons between the issues, as well as a critical analysis of the connection between them. Comparison of Jewish Passover with Roman Catholic Last Supper and Easter The Jewish Passover and the Canadian Roman Catholic last supper and Easter have significant similarities. They are both symbolic events used to commemorate an act that was conducted in the traditional times and was meant for today’s significance. The practices and believes are centered on worship for God because of his redemption power for his people from suffering, which has a significance of demonstrating God’s mercy to his creation. The Jewish Passover portrays the mercies for redemption from slavery, while the Easter and last super portray the mercies in regards to offer of Jesus on the cross. The beliefs of these events are centered on the saving power of God, and that the commemoration of the events brings spiritual revival in the hearts of the believers. Moreover, the execution of the practices is only through the way of conducting worship in a tabernacle, conducting rituals and reverent reading of scriptures of relevance. All these celebrations are always celebrated following the appearance of full moon, especially in the month of March, April, or May. Nevertheless, the traditions have it that Easter and the last super cannot be celebrated before the Jewish Passover (Combier-Donovan et al 118). However, pronounced differences are identifiable in relation to rituals and history of every practice. The Jewish Passover dates back to the Old Testament scriptural representation, when the Israelites were in slavery in Egypt. The sending of Moses by God and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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