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Has globalisation made the world more or less secure Discuss with specific reference to the rise of non-State actors - Essay Example

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Has globalisation made the world more or less secure? Discuss with specific reference to the rise of non-State actors. 1. Introduction The role and the forms of politics, as tools for developing strategies related to various needs of states worldwide are not standardized…
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Has globalisation made the world more or less secure Discuss with specific reference to the rise of non-State actors
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Extract of sample "Has globalisation made the world more or less secure Discuss with specific reference to the rise of non-State actors"

Download file to see previous pages An indicative example is the cold war period, during which the term security was related to state and security as integrated units. In the after-cold war period, which was characterized by the gradual development of globalisation, the term security refers mostly to environmental and health problems; internal conflicts are also issues related to security in the era of globalisation. Current paper focuses on the issue whether globalisation has made the world more or less secure. Reference is also made to the non-state actors, which have been given increased powers regarding the internal issues of states. This phenomenon has been related to globalisation, which has increased its involvement in the activities of states and individuals worldwide. It is proved that the role of globalisation in security worldwide has been negative; however, the specific problem could be effectively resolved with the cooperation of states. In order for any such effort to be successful, it is required that measures are developed in advance for controlling the expansion of non-state actors, as factors influencing the political and social framework of countries worldwide. 2. Globalisation and security in the international community. The role of non-State actors 2.1 Globalisation and security In the context of globalisation it has been made quite difficult for security worldwide to be appropriately promoted. The reason is that globalisation supports practices and ideas, which are often in opposition with the national culture and rules. In this context, the conflict between the ‘non-state actors and the intra state practices’ (Al-Rodhan 2006, p.162) is increased. The above fact has a negative influence on the efforts of international bodies to promote the world peace and health. Indeed, many of the plans developed by the UN for securing the health and safety of people in countries worldwide are led to a failure. The role of globalisation in the limitation of the security of states is analysed in the study of Till et al. (2009). In accordance with the above researchers, globalisation has led states ‘to cede a number of their security functions to non-state factors’ (Till et al. 2009, p.47). The above target has been achieved through the following method: under the fear of globalisation certain states avoid their participation in critical commercial activities worldwide; however, in this way, their economic power is reduced, a fact that leads, also, to the worsening of their position, as members of the international community. Under these terms, states become weak towards military threats; in case of such threats they would need the support of non-state factors. In this way, the limitation of sovereignty, a fear that initially led the country to its economic exclusion, becomes a clear threat. The power of globalisation to promote instability is not limited to the external environment, referring to the relationship between a state and the other countries of the international community. It can also refer to the state’s internal environment, where the promotion of ‘economic disparities’ (Till et al. 2009, p.47) can lead to severe conflicts. Trying to explain the increased power of globalisation over national issues, including security, Fagan et al. (2009) referred to the weakness of the ‘old-fashioned instrumental politics’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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