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Name: Institution: Tutor: Course: Date: Hot, Flat and Crowded Friedman strongly advocate for preservation of diversity in the book Hot, Flat and Crowded. According to the author, the preservation of biodiversity in a hot, flat and crowded world is important essentially because failure to do the same would inevitably lead to unsustainable environment and a planet that is bereft of suitable conditions for life…
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Book Questions
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Download file to see previous pages The implication is that the world’s beautiful, precious and beautiful biodiversity get destroyed virtually every 20 minute. Since the trend of consumerism and therefore energy use is ever on the increase, biodiversity preservation measures must be taken to protect potential loss and extinction. Preservation of biodiversity, according to Friedman, is a duty that calls for multi-sectoral and multi-party approach, involving nations, corporations and individuals. World nations, led by the US have got a duty to reduce the use of carbon based fuels. In particular, they should construct an entirely new system of fuels that is clean, in the sense that they have no or little carbon emission, such as wind, solar and nuclear energy. These should be supplied to homes. The corporations have a duty to put measures calculated to minimize the use of carbon-based fuels, ensure efficient systems that do not blow much carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Individuals should also operate under minimum energy use along reverting to environment friendly energy sources. Other than the loss of biodiversity, hot, flat and crowded world raise other ethical issues. ...
In the long run, their (petrodicataors) pockets are unjustly enriched. Secondly, the energy crisis that characterizes the hot, flat and crowded eventually leads to wider gap between the rich (energy haves) and the poor (energy have nots) as the poor have their operations and daily life grounded due to escalated costs and energy scarcity. Finally, hot, flat and crowded world also disrupts sustainability of the environment for the future generation. As various corporations use carbon fuels, they emit more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, thereby raising the global temperature to greater heights. It means that the future generations will find the environment generally hostile for their living. And we are opening an ever wider gap between the energy haves and the energy have-nots, those who cannot take part in the “flat” world because they cannot switch on a light bulb, let alone a laptop. Friedman makes various arguments and suggestions to emphasize the importance of regulation in reducing USA’s oil dependency. Freidman asserts that green-revolutionary regulations will be of essential to catalyze funding and development of petroleum free energy sources, such as wind, nuclear and solar. By adopting heavy carbon taxation or ensuring higher taxation of petroleum products, corporation that are responsible for heavy carbon emission will strive to revert to less carbon fuels. Individuals will also minimize energy use as they revert to using environment friendly fuels. Regulation would ensure that such desirable energy uses are fairly priced and affordable to many. Friedman’s suggestion is important considering that there are so many individuals who consume energy and if everyone was to cut-down energy use or lean much towards using ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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