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Does god really exist - Essay Example

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Philosophers, scientists, and theologians have struggled for many years in the pursuit to establish whether God exist. In a world where science and technology rely on facts to prove and explain the existence of a particular phenomenon, establishing the existence of God is very challenging endeavor…
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Does god really exist
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"Does god really exist"

Download file to see previous pages In this regard, it is difficult to challenge the contents of religious beliefs especially to the believers because they rely heavily on hope and faith to elucidate matters pertaining to God (Hoyle, 1983, p93). However, many events occurring around the world signify the presence of greater force that cannot be adequately explained and be predetermined by man. This paper discusses that irrespective of one’s religion, there is evidence that proves existence of God. From scientific point of view, we as human beings exist freely in nature and we are made of various compounds, such as water and other structural compounds and elements that have been indentified by scientists (Morris, 1967, p 90). By the virtue of our existence, it is clear that we all originated somewhere. The Biblical point of view holds that in the beginning, God created heaven and earth, and man was created thereafter (Morris, 1967, p52). Atheists argue that there was no beginning of life, an assertion supported by the science proclamation that matter cannot be created or destroyed and therefore is eternal (Andrews, 1978, p57). However, the atheist assertion is wrong because cosmic observations and processes around the world indicate a gradual consumption of energy that affirms that if there was no beginning, our world could have become extinct long time ago (Andrews, 1978, p19). For example driving a vehicle requires energy in form of fuel. When the fuel gets used up, the vehicle stalls and cannot function again. In the planet, the sun is sole source of energy and besides it; there are numerous stars in the atmosphere. Scientists have established that in order for the stars including the sun to emit energy, hydrogen gas is compressed into helium and in the process; vast amounts of energy are released. The sun compresses an approximate 564 million tons of hydrogen to form 560 million tons of helium and 4 tons of energy per second, through the process of nuclear fusion (Hoyle, 1983, p42). Taking into consideration that there are numerous stars, the amount of hydrogen used by these cosmic bodies is astronomical and by now, it could have become exhausted. This means the world has a beginning, because if it has been ongoing forever, there could be no hydrogen left. Hoyle (1983, p51) noted that the sun remains with 98% of its initial hydrogen composition and this shows that at some point, there was a beginning and there shall be an end. The earth undergoes numerous chemical and physical processes, which imply that its composition has changed. Therefore, the assertion that matter remains unchanged is scientifically erroneous. There must have a beginning, a force that brought everything to existence, and this could be God, just as the Bible states (Douglas, 1993, p37) In this respect, there was a beginning to the universe, and the question arises on how both the living and non-living creations came into existence. From a religious perspective, a certain force, meaning that it did not occur spontaneously, caused the creation. On the other hand, atheists argue that matter is self-sustaining and cannot be created or be destroyed. Atheists do not show the cause to the creation, suggesting that the matter happened out of undefined or unexplainable process. Logically, if matter had a beginning, there must have been something that came from nothing to give the matter existence. Then how did matter come into existence if there was no force, energy and intelligence? This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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