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Ammendments to the bill of rights of the US Constitution - Essay Example

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Dayshorn Crosby Michael Martinez American Government 1102A-08 May 1, 2011 Bill Of Rights The United States accepted Ten Commandments after the ratification of the constitution in 1788. These Ten Commandments are deemed as the Bill of Rights. Bill of Rights were added to the constitution as many were of the opinion that the previous constitution did not cover ‘freedom’ that is mandatory for the citizens of a nation (Krull, 1999)…
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Ammendments to the bill of rights of the US Constitution
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"Ammendments to the bill of rights of the US Constitution"

Download file to see previous pages Bill of Rights is the synonym of freedom to American citizens. The rights and freedoms that are covered under the Bill of Rights involve, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Assembly, Freedom to keep and Bear Arms, Freedom of Religion and Protection for that Accused of Crimes. Other crucial rights covered by Bill of Rights include Freedom to petition as well as the rights to save themselves from unreasonable search, seizure and cruel and unusual punishment. Citizens of United States are also entitled to the rights against compelled self-incrimination. The Bill of Rights limits the powers of the federal government in United States. These restrictions on the rights of the government boost up the rights of the citizens, visitors, and other temporary residents in the nation. Bill of Rights guarantees several crucial enumerated rights to the citizens. These amendments also control the government from making any new laws that respect the establishment of religion. These amendments also ensure that the government does not seize anybody’s life, property or freedom unless it happens by the processes of the law. Bill of Rights ensure that the Congress do not make any citizen deprive of his life and liberty. In the matter of criminal cases only the indictment by grand jury can deal a capital (infamous) crime. These special freedom rights ensure a speedy public trial on these cases using a local or impartial jury. These rights also ensure there never occurs a double jeopardy. The Fifth Amendment upholds the rights of people in this case. Majority of the Bill of Rights were applied to the nation by a sequence of decisions that include the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. These were included after the American Civil War. The Bill of Rights is a fundamental symbol of the freedom, liberty, independence and choice of the nation. Bill of Rights was first prepared in 1789 by James Madison and was drafted during a period when there happened numerous ideological misunderstandings between Federalists and anti-Federalists. These ideological conflicts had started since the 1787 Philadelphia Convention. These conflicts and the associated problems questioned the Constitution's ratification. The Bill of Rights is closely associated with the 1689 English Bill of Rights, George Mason's 1776 Virginia Declaration of Rights, English political documents like Magna Carta (1215) and the other important documents that were associated with the natural rights. The Bill of Rights answered all questions related to the freedom of citizens and was a big challenge to the celebrated founding fathers who completely forgot to include the basic principles of human liberty in the constitution. The Bill of Rights is too important for American citizens, American law and the government. You can find a copy of the Bill of Rights available for public display in the National Archives in Washington, D.C.. There are fourteen original copies of the Bill of Rights. December 15 is considered as the ‘Bill of Rights Day’ as per the declaration of the Former President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Bill of Rights ensures any abuse of power from the part of the government. Citizens enjoy various types of freedom through the Bill of Right ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bill of Rights
These people apprehended that the government would abuse the powers given to it by the Constitution and violate civil rights of the citizens. To provide immunity to individual citizens, twelve legislative articles were introduced in the First United States Congress in 1789, and after their ratification in 1791 came to be known as Constitutional Amendments.
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The Bill of Rights
The Bill of Rights constitutes one of the most important United States of America’s founding papers. It is made up of the Ten Amendments to the Constitution of the US. These amendments were put in with the intention of safeguarding the basic God-given rights of the people from government interference.
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The US Bill of Rights
The US Bill of Rights has inspired many countries to introduce their own constitutional rights guarantees, which however often diverge in important respect from US model in terms of the initial intentions of protection of human rights. Some leaders' contempt and disregard and for human rights have resulted in ugly situations that have outraged the conscience of mankind, all over the globe, and the advent of a world in which every human being would enjoy freedom of belief, freedom of speech.
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US constitution
This constitution, in America constitutes the supreme law. Initially, the United States constitution was composed of three branches defining the federal government; the Congress also referred to as the Legislature, Exercutive branch defining the presidency and the Judiciary constituted by the courts.
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Bill of Rights
Amendment two A precisely regulated armed force, being essential to the safety of a free state, peoples’ rights to keep and own arms, will not be disobeyed. Amendment three No combatant shall, in peace times be quartered in any home, without the owner’s consent, nor in war time, but in a way laid down by the law.
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U.S. Constitution Amendments/Bill of Rights
This amendment was drafted by the founding fathers in direct response to what amounted to arbitrary and general search warrants issued by the British government in
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Constitution and Bill of Rights
The checks and balances inherent in the three separate but equal branches of government are quite obviously a great distance away from
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US Constitution
In accordance with the constitution, the Congress was partitioned into two houses and the United States Federal Government was divided into three branches known as the legislative, judicial and the presidential branch. The legislative branch has the power
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US constitution
The constitution of the United States was written with an aim of protecting U.S citizens from its own government. The constitution also aims to keep the government from having total power over its citizens. Many historical documents and historical papers such as the Federalist papers, the Declaration of Independent and the Article of Confederation among others were influential to the development of the constitution of the United States.
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Bill of Rights
This research is being carried out to understand the objectives of and the challenges facing various federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, the roles of the federal, state, and local court systems with respect to safety and civil rights, to recommend solutions to the various challenges facing criminal justice organizations and security organizations.
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