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Theatre Critique It's Only a Play - Essay Example

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Theatre Critique – It’s only a play ACTING 1. The characters of the play are believable as their performance was realistic and exquisitely brilliant. When Fina Romero played the character “Emma Bovari” she conveyed that the audience is not tough to be pleased with her short role in the play…
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Theatre Critique Its Only a Play
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Download file to see previous pages The comedy play was a celebration of the art and actors performed with lot of conviction. The play was a cascade of jokes and made the audience happy from the beginning to the end, which is a sign of victory. 2.The performer “Kate Herell who acted as virginia” seems to not have delivered her lines completely at times so did not come up to the mark. The performance of “Craig as Ira” was well defined and the gestures were perfect indeed.He came up to the mark and left a remarkable impression on the audience. “Emma” was a star that performed utterly well and carried the play with ample spirit .She showed her full potential to the audience and was the shooting star of the play. Christopher who enacted “Peter” was looked slightly uncomfortable in his character and required more attentiveness and dedication from his side to make his character look wholesome and rich. Nick Dickert was distinct in his acting and did full justice to his character as “James” but his voice was trembling at certain points. 3. The performers who were disliked were Kate Herell, Christopher Lynch and Ryan Flint.Kate Was not impressive as she was not consistent with her dialogues. There was less of life in her voice and could not enter well in to the character of “Virginia” which she was potrayed.Whereas, Christopher Lynch was not feeling fully the character of “ Peter” and some how looked less lively and vibrant. It is very essential for an actor to get in to the shoes of the character to bring about full life in to the play. On the other side Ryan Flint had a less powerful voice which made his character of “Frank” dull. Dialogues are an essential part of a play, so if it is not balanced with the acting skill can bring in chaos and incompleteness to the character as well as the play. 4. The play all in all was an average performance and did not fail to amaze the audience. But it was unfortunate to notice some actors not supporting others and making it a t time’s poor performance. In some areas “Christopher Lynch” was not interacting well with “Kate Herell” and was in a hurry to completer his part of the dialogue. And also Kate seems to rush through some parts showing that she had forgotten certain lines. Noah Mittman, at other times is displaying to be very overpowering, thus making all actors less confident and assertive. It is not good for one actor to stand out in a play because a good play is where all characters blend with each other to produce a smooth and sound theatrical show. Craig Ewing in some of the scenes was attempting to be the one man of the show by giving dialogues loud. DIRECTING 5. The unified idea of the director behind this play is to create a play which is a complete comedy in nature and which will keep the audience laugh all the while they are wathcing.The entire cast of the show was also doing the same by being extremely joyous and filled with humor sense. The director made a striking visual image with the cab driver who was played by Emma as she was costumed distinctly and apart from other actors of the play. Even Julia and Virginia played by “Ilasiea Gray”and Kate Herell respectively were dressed glamorously and colorfully which was a visual treat. The lighting of the play was striking and bright which added to the whole theme of the play. SCENERY 6. The whole background of the play was the room where all the characters were waiting for the review of their acting. The room had light colored wall and a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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