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Split Brain/ Reflection - Term Paper Example

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Split Brain Name: xxxxx School: xxxxx Course: xxxxx xxxxx Introduction: The brain is divided into two parts, the right and left hemispheres. Both of these hemispheres look like a mirror image of one and other. However, it has been validated that the left one is always bigger than the right one…
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Split Brain/ Reflection
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Download file to see previous pages However, in some of the left-handed people, the speech centres location is the right hemisphere or they are divided between the two (Hochman, 2002). Various studies have proved that the information of both hemispheres cannot be combined in case of split brains. As a result, the behaviour of the patient can be quite strange as the person is not aware of all the things that are happening and can look stupid because of his illogical and vague behaviour (ThinkQuest, 2011). Relationship of Hemispheres The two hemispheres control vastly different aspects of action and thought. Each half has its own specializations and advantages; at the same time, they also have their own limitations. The left side of the brain is dominant for speech and language, reasoning, knowledge, details, goals, definition, planning abstractions and structure; whereas the right side works for the visual-motor tasks, intuitions, sensitivity, emotions, feelings rhythm, impulsiveness and impressions (Stout, 2011). This goes on to show that both these hemispheres play a major role in defining the personality of a person. As a developed hemisphere has dominance over the personality of the person, therefore it is necessary to develop both the hemispheres to lead a balanced life in which both of the hemispheres participate and contribute to the personality equally. In the modular system, the left hemisphere has proved its dominance for major cognitive activities like problem solving. The left hemisphere does not require the vast computational power of the other half of the brain to execute high level of activities. On the other hand, the right hemisphere is extremely deficient in difficult problem solving but it is able to grasp certain perceptual grouping that the left hemisphere cannot. The left hemisphere is also responsible to seek the reasoning behind the occurrence of an event. By the help of left hemisphere, a person can go beyond the simple observation of events and the reasoning behind it. Therefore, balance between the two hemispheres in terms of their connection is of crucial importance to attain a balance of information and activities in a human being (Gazzaniga, 2011). When the image is projected to the right visual field, it is then reported to the left hemisphere where the information regarding the visual is processed. When the two hemispheres will be unable to communicate effectively with each other, it is clear that the visual information will no longer move between the two sides. It would become impossible to describe what is seen. On the other hand, when the same image is displayed to the left visual field, the person goes blank and cannot decipher the image. At the same time, if the person is asked to point out an object similar to what they saw, they would be able to do that easily. This proves the point that the right brain sees the image and can mobilize a nonverbal response, but cannot talk about what it actually sees. In some other scenarios, it similar results can also be proved for the case of sound, smell and touch. When a person with a split brain is seated in front of a screen, due to his split brain he cannot use his right hand to take something that he is watching from his left eye. Therefore, when some kind of word related information is appeared on the left side, the information is passed to the right hemisphere and in such case the person cannot understand the word as the language ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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