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Igor Stravinsky - Essay Example

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The works of different composers are not only influenced by creative expressions. There are also differences which are made with the theories of music according to the time frame in which one lives in. …
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Igor Stravinsky
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Download file to see previous pages The exploitation of these ideals and the exploration of how music reflected the time were the main initiatives that Stravinsky took with the compositions written during this time frame. Changing Culture of 1914-1918 The region of Europe and the exposure that was occurring within the arts during this time had one of the most influential aspects in terms of culture and politics. The several outbreaks of war, specifically which led through World War I, began to change the outlook of the artists that were in various countries. A sense of patriotism and pride toward the country was one of the growing influences that many of the artists began to look into. More important, there was a focus on the outbreaks and outcomes of the war and the destructions and victories which were associated with this. “The burden of the national ordeal and the wartime experiences led to the formation of a new worldview and a new self awareness…. On the one hand, the Great War became a touchstone for the humanistic yearnings of the intellectuals. On the other, it acted as a catalyst for new aesthetic directions. ”
The cultural direction which was influenced by the war then created a component of new expressions and values that most could work toward in building a different understanding of humanistic and political expressions. The expressions of culture were furthered by the political leaders and outlooks associated with this. Many of the artists of this time were interested in making a statement that either opposed or was for the patriotism that was within various regions of Europe. Before 1914, there was a movement that was based on anti – politics, specifically with those who either were patriotic or opposed the changes that were occurring within Europe. Social policies, conflicts of those who were involved in politics and the outcome from various groups led to different and opposing ideologies about the war and the political stance. Those involved in the politics, or which were opposed to this, were also interested in creating social change and statements that were reflective of the need to find new solutions. When the war began, this was heightened and became intensified by artists who were interested in a change with the politics. This either led to a sense of propaganda among the artists or opposed the reforms which were taking place2. Stravinsky and World War I The perspectives that Stravinsky held during 1914-1918 were pivotal in how he worked toward the creation of his music and the pieces which were associated with this. While he was from Russia and the Poland territory, there was also an international outlook which he held because of his recognition at this time. Before this time, Stravinsky was noted to have a more exploratory outlook with the works, such as through Pierrot Lunaire. While the exploration of music continued in 1914, there were several personal and cultural conflicts that changed the music. For instance, the funding for arts was more conservative because of the war, leaving many of the works unpublished unless they were more conservative in nature. Many of his works weren’t published until the 1920s when a sense of recovery began to occur in the country. This was combined with the understanding that a new culture was being born, specifically which Stravinsky saw through the destruction ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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