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Outcasts united written by Warren St. John - Essay Example

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English 24 March 2011 Book Review & Summary of Outcasts United Introduction A true story which takes us back to the 1990s, Outcasts United: A Refugee Team, An American Town, has been penned down by Warren St. John with the objective of sharing some of the most inspiring experiences on the terra firma of Clarkston in Georgia…
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Outcasts united written by Warren St. John
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Download file to see previous pages The book has been published in the United States of America by Spiegel & Grau in New York. Characters, Plot & Summary In his masterpiece, John talks about Clarkston, a remote place set aside for providing shelter to the refugees emerging from different corners of the world, from Iraq and Afghanistan to Liberia and Sudan, from Congo and Burundi to Bosnia and other nations. This downtown outside Atlanta, which was once white dominated region, is now a blend of different cultures, religions and colors. “The local high school in Clarkston, one all white, now had students from more than fifty different countries. Cultures were colliding in Clarkston, and the result was a raw and exceptionally charged experiment in getting along.” (John: 9) The UNHCR has chosen families from the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia for offering resettlement in Clarkston. Almost all of these families have landed here empty handed with the backup of government’s assistance for just three months post which they were expected to earn their own livelihood. Leaving one’s own native land and starting a life from scratch on a foreign land, amongst diverse cultures, hurdles were but obvious. But what is inspiring is that this very common state of the uncommon refugees brings them together to form a community of their own. The motto “Small town …. ...
The story then progresses with the mentorship of this lady coach who makes these boys face the unpredictable challengers for themselves as well as their parents thereby wiping out all the differences amongst themselves. This Muslim lady in the Deep South had the will and courage to earn the small town and its new dwellers an identity. As one moves further, one can overtly get to know the impeccable efforts of the Middle Eastern lady who leaves no stone unturned to keep the boys away from the streets. The indomitable spirits of these refugees who call themselves “Fugees” is truly admirable. Their love for soccer accompanied with their bondness after a tight struggle of differences be it of color (black or white), religion (Muslim or Christianity) or language, reveals the strength of action and determination. Even without fancy cleats and embroidered soccer bags which their competitors possessed, this energetic team was dangerously tough for all other teams in the league. The author nicely portrays the longing of the Fugees for the sense of belonging in their new homes. The discipline that Mufleh brings into the lives of her players might seem brutal at times, but is the bringer of positive results also. Her statement, “rules, my drills, my way” is something to learn from. (John: 267) Such is the popularity of the story that Outcasts United has been considered by Universal Studios. Conclusion Reading Outcasts United was good. By portraying the true story of the refugees and Mufleh, John has gracefully highlighted a new community which deserves to be treated as a significant part of the existing community. What I found most interesting in the entire book was the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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