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Queen Victoria - Essay Example

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‘Queen Victoria’ by Walter L. Arnstein Table of Contents Introduction 3 Queen Victoria: An Engaging Study by Walter L. Arnstein 4 Conclusion 9 References 10 Bibliography 11 Introduction The lives at Buckingham Palace have always fascinated the entire world…
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Queen Victoria
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Download file to see previous pages Queen Victoria has passed away a little more than hundred years and already she has become the subject of biography more than any other women born since 1800. Walter. L. Arnstein, the famous historian and writer also could not escape the charm, and enigma of the life of this great lady possessed and he also selected Queen Victoria as the subject of his biography. Arnstein tried his best indeed to captivate the political, social, religious and personal life of the Queen Victoria as much as possible. This biography is remarkably different from other works falling into the same canon in many ways. The work is commendable and it is justified too as the biography has been written by a renowned historian and so it is quite expected that the book contains many perspective of her life from the point of a historian. And in craving out the historical aspects and details of her life, Arnstein uses many research materials which focuses on the widely neglected aspects of the Queen’s life and reign which most importantly is presented in details maintained by relative brevity of an expert writer (Arnstein, “Queen Victoria”). ...
This fact can be well perceived if one gives a close introspection into the anatomy of the book. The book, “Queen Victoria” is divided into nine chapters and an introduction. The chapters are culminated according to the events which took place chronologically into the Queen’s life or in other ways are neatly divided into different phases of Queen’s life. The chapters bear the following names which are very much relative to the events and phases of Queen’s life chronologically, ‘The Cloistered Princess’, ‘The Royal Teenager’, ‘The Model of Domesticity’, ‘The Reigning Partner’, ‘Britain’s Champion’, ‘The Reclusive Widow’, ‘The Guardian of the Constitution’, ‘The Imperial Matriarch’ and ‘The Paradoxical Monarch’ (Arnstein, “Queen Victoria”). The contents in these chapters are evolved from myriad sources that are centering round the political and personal life of the Queen as well. The sources include Victoria’s own writings published in many journals and unpublished letters (Christopher, “Aristocratic Whig Politics in Early-Victorian Yorkshire: Lord Morpeth and His World”). Here, the author provides the Queen with a wide scope to say her story in her own words. Arnstein does so by quoting Victoria at many places which finally clears her stand-point, contention and perspective on different issues. From these personal accounts, the readers are enabled to learn the perspective, thought and vision of the Queen regarding religion, gender, politics and connection with Ireland. The solidarity and preciseness with which the Queen is given the opportunity to unfold her life through her version differentiates this book from the other biographies (Lynn, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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