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Compare and Contrast The United States of America and Saudi Arabia Many can obviously see the differences between the United States and Saudi Arabia. The United States has many comparisons with that of Saudi Arabia. There are more differences then similarities…
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Compare and contracts between USA $ Saudi Arabia
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Download file to see previous pages All differences aside, The United States of American and Saudi Arabia are both a geographic location that contains people. People are no different and need the same things in order to survive. The United States of America is home to many different seasons and has many different weather issues. The weather in the United States of America is made of hot days that reach one hundred and twenty degrees and cold days that are forty degrees below zero. The rapid changes of weather create seasons. The seasons produce rain, snow, wind and drought. These weather conditions make for a soil that is rich in produce and livestock. These pleasant but sometimes harsh weather conditions are quite different then weather in Saudi Arabia. Weather in Saudi Arabia is unlike the United States. In Saudi Arabia the temperatures get above one hundred and forty degrees at times. The harsh temperatures make for an unpleasant environment (LonelyPlanet2011). Most of the area is made of sand and large sand dunes. The heat makes it hard for produce to grow and water is not as abundant as the United States. There are sand storms that are comparable to a tornado in the United States. These sand storms are deadly and powerful. Saudi Arabia has seasons like the United States but not winter conditions. While the average temperature of the United States in the winter is twenty below zero, the temperature in Saudi Arabia would typically be seventy five degrees. The weather of the United States and Saudi Arabia shows many differences. Religious views are a huge topic of discussion when comparing and contrasting the United States and Saudi Arabia. In order to discuss the two religious views it is important to explore the history of the two nations. The United States of America was originally inhabited by Native American Indians. An explorer by the name of Christopher Columbus arrived in The United States and took over. He and the rest of his European explorers had a Catholic/Christian religious background. This religious background mainstreamed Christianity into The United States. Although Christianity is popular in the United States it is not the only religion. The freedom of The United States allows for the freedom to accept any religion. Many are Christian, Muslim and even Atheist. Some accept no religion. The ability to practice any religion without fear makes the United States a desirable location for immigrants. Saudi Arabia is completely different in the sense of religion. Saudi Arabia is the birthplace to Islam (MidEastWeb2003). Saudi Arabia, before becoming captivated by the Islam religion was mainly pagan. Those who were pagan likely converted to Christianity or Judaism. After the birth and teachings of Mohammed, about ninety percent of the Saudi Arabian population converted to Islam. The Islam religion is highly looked upon in Saudi Arabia. The popularity of the Muslim religion creates a barrier and the denial of other religions like Christianity and Judaism. Religion in the United States and Saudi Arabia has been the cause of many disputes in the past. To this day and since the beginning of history there has been war because of the religious differences. Religion and cultural differences is one of the number one factors for disputes between the United States and Saudi Arabia. Many influences like geographic location and religion play a role in the differences of the two cultures. The culture of the United States is very diverse. The United States culture consist of many different cultures put together. There are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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