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In a vibrant democracy, there is always the desire to change one’s government for the better such that it represents more of its citizens in a satisfactory way. Within this context, there are those parties in the United States who have this strong desire to change the structure of the federal government as a means of abolishing a long-held tradition of electoral vote…
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Electoral College
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"Electoral College"

Download file to see previous pages This system of giving a voice to the smaller states was a system designed by the Founding Fathers at the beginning of America’s history, when only a few states stood in existence (Hardaway 76). Just like many decisions of the federal government today, the Electoral College system was built from a compromise that gave greater strength to the union. The attempt to disassemble the Electoral College system undermines the ability of the country to provide effective leadership to elected officials, which in turn would make the country weaker in the end. Although the United States is commonly described as a democracy, it is in fact not a pure popular democracy like Ancient Greece, in which each citizen was invited to make decisions in the legislature (Diamond 7). Rather, the Constitution of the United States strictly limits power between individual citizens and the federal government. The Electoral College is one such limitation placed on the power of the people, and it must be understood properly within this historical (or Constitutional) context. Namely, while the United States is a democracy, the interests of the people are upheld by the representatives that take on that power. The electoral vote shares this power between the people and the government in a way that incorporates the interests of states, the people, and the federal government. With respect to the states, the Electoral College provides protection to the interests of smaller states, just as the Founding Fathers originally intended. At that time, the critical issue on everyone’s mind could not be avoided—namely, how the small and large states would share power in both the legislative and executive branches” (Hardaway 76). That is because the current system provides for the protection of all states’ rights. Remembering that the United States is a federation of states, and not one single state, each state is deserving of its own individual say in the election of the president to preside over that union. A popular vote undermines the concept of a federal system of states, causing candidates to focus only on the most populous, urban areas of the country. “Elections are as freely and democratically contested as elections can be—but in the states… Democracy thus is not the question regarding the electoral college; federalism is” (Gregg 7). There also appears to be a practical problem with changing the electoral vote system to a system of popular vote, which is its primary competitor. Fears surrounding the Electoral College deal with the possibility that the popular vote does not match the electoral vote. However, this is a nonexistent problem, considering “the fact that the electoral and popular vote winners have been the same in every presidential election conducted in the past 100 years” (Hardaway 11). In fact, because inconsistency between the two methods of measuring vote legitimacy is so rare in history, it seems practically irrelevant to implement the changes need to switch to a popular vote. Changing the electoral system would require an Amendment to the Constitution, which also poses a practical problem for Congressmen. Members of the House and Senate from large states, like California and Texas, will be unlikely to surrender their power over smaller states in return for a system that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Changing the Electoral College
The Electoral College is an irregularity of the American democracy. The United States is in effect alone in entrusting the determination of its President to a small, largely anonymous group of individuals, rather than to its citizen voters. Before moving ahead to defining the system we must understand what Electoral College is and how it developed.
9 Pages(2250 words)Essay
The Electoral College
Each state has a varying number of electors, and each state has different legislation on how these are elected, as specified by the US Constitution. 48 states (excluding Nebraska and Maine) elect their representatives in a winner-takes-all manner, meaning that the elector with the most votes becomes the elector with no representative for the losing competition.
3 Pages(750 words)Essay
Electoral college
However, only two states held the election in 1789 these were Maryland and Pennsylvania. Each elector had two votes for the office the president. The majority winner become president and the runners up was automatically the vice president. The twelfth amendment requires one vote for vice president and one for president by the electors also known as the Electoral College.
5 Pages(1250 words)Essay
Electoral College
4. The College has advantaged and disadvantages. The major disadvantage being that people really do not have full power over the candidate who is elected, they are voting in order for the electors to vote, but they do not have to vote the way of their state.
3 Pages(750 words)Essay
The Electoral College: What is it How does it work What are some of the criticisms of it and what measures call for its elimination What are some of the arguments in support of the electoral college which call for its continuation
The most popular members of society that are elected publically and that take part in electing the president and vice president in United States of America gather to form Electoral College.
4 Pages(1000 words)Essay
Electoral College Essay
The citizens of the United States will vote for the electors that will also vote for the President (What is Electoral College). The electoral college was established due to two reasons. The primary purpose of the electoral college is to make a buffer between the President selection and the population.
2 Pages(500 words)Essay
The Electoral College

This essay discusses that if the electoral college system is replaced by a simple majority system then the whole election system should be modified – a nationalized body of government officials to be introduced with which the threat of ‘major fraud’ boosted up following some statistical data about fraud by federal officials.

6 Pages(1250 words)Essay
Electoral College

According to the research findings, though the Electoral College is not perfect, the system has significantly tried to curb and solve many challenges that are experienced when conducting elections. To mention among the many problems, bribing, corruption among the officials and even other misconduct during elections, have been in a fabulous way been dealt with appropriately.

1 Pages(250 words)Essay
Electoral College
members of an electoral college are simply people whose wisdom would provide a better and informed choice than a larger body (Longley and Pierce 12-17). It is fallacious that the Electoral College system begun with the United States of America (Moore 254-256). The Germanic law
5 Pages(1250 words)Essay
Electoral college
This is because a small number of individuals selected by the citizenry from the general mass most likely possess the discernment and information required for such complicated
1 Pages(250 words)Essay
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