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Sociological imagination - Essay Example

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The Sociological Imagination Walker M K0136881 [Lecturer’s Name] [Submission Date] [University] Introduction The role played by the secondary schools in the time and age of today is indeed immense. This is because the secondary schools garner support for the students and give them the much needed boost within their identities and social circles…
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Sociological imagination
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Extract of sample "Sociological imagination"

Download file to see previous pages This paper shall discuss the basis of the secondary schools and how these shape up the beliefs and ideologies of the students in a number of different ways. It will take a look at how the sociological imagination within their ranks develops and what more could be done to bring sanity within the related ranks in the future. Social Identity Defined Social identity is defined as a method within the domains of social psychology where individuals are earmarked to differentiate between a number of levels or in terms of their identity types. The social identity philosophy is made use of by people from different disciplines where economics and political science stand out within the related realms. The inter-group relations are discussed at length within the social identity domains and this is the reason why it has been largely highlighted in the studies that deal with identity building across a number of platforms. Role of Secondary Schools in Shaping up Social Identity How the secondary schools shape up the social identity domains of the students is something that needs to be understood. This is the age when the students exploit their strengths and want to know more and more about the worldly affairs than was ever the case in the past. This is the time when they will get to know about things that they have never discussed in the earlier stages of their lives. It is true to state that the social identities start getting advanced with each passing day and the significance for this is provided through the acts and behaviors of the students themselves. They believe that they should get to know more about the world around them, and thus discern the real basis of humanity by all means of imagination. Their sociological perspectives start getting developed, where they explore how things work and shape up in different situations, and how these embody the basis of success for their own selves in the long run. In short, there is a great amount of breakdown of thoughts and perceptions that were there within their minds in the past. What they see now is filled with experiments that they have had at this stage. They will get to find out about things up close and personal, and thus experience the same through their hands. They will see the reality basis of things and thus change their perspectives. Relationship of Social Identities with Educational Under-attainment Since the secondary schools make the students realize where they are going to be as regards to their future domains, it is only natural to think of the students in the same light. This is because the social identity issues deem a great deal of significance for the students when it comes to gaining an understanding of the educational quarters. These educational regimes receive a kick since under-attainment can easily be witnessed by the people who matter the most within the affairs of these secondary schools – the top management which is concerned with the propagation of education. The social identities with educational under-attainment come about as a reality because the students start believing in the fact that there could be much more than education at this age. They delve into other zones of life and decipher the meaning of such acts in a wholly different way. There is a good amount of confusion happening within their fore and this is the reason why the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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