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Movie Review The movie All the President's Men is political thriller that won 1976 Academy Award (New York Times, 2001). The movie is based on a book by the same name by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the very two journalists who scrutinized the Watergate Scandal for The Washington Post (New York Times, 2001)…
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Download file to see previous pages The two journalists with their determination and brilliant investigative skills unveil a huge heinous scheme of which the break in was a mere part. The film also brings into highlight the mysterious ‘Deep Throat’, the secret source of information and verification for the two journalists at White House (Anderson, pp. 23-25). A movie that could easily have been a victim of hodgepodge of names and dates retains its efficacy of communication through acquiring the perspective of the two reporters. Carl is highly competitive and more experienced one while Bob is depicted as the ambitious and detail-oriented. It is the perspective of these two reporters that so beautifully unfold the plot of the film. The movie begins on 17 June 1972 (New York Times, 2001) as five burglars are caught red-handed at the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters in the Watergate complex at Washington and persist through an incredible progression of unveiling confessions that ultimately results in Nixon’s resignation from the Presidency. ...
e repeatedly, clips of white house when President Nixon’s helicopter lands and other familiar scenes of White House, elections, and House of Representatives are used to create more appeal and human element (New York Times, 2001). Even though the film has an obvious political fame, its true most strong appeal lies in the way daily records of the investigation is presented which makes it look closest to reality. In addition, the post’s managing editor, Ben Bradlee’s amazing leadership and constant encouragement gives the film a look of a success story and teamwork. The other characters like Mr. Redford and Mr. Hoffman are depicted as low-importance profiles with a little elaboration of their private lives but an episodic glimpse into personal lives of their subjects for instance the book keeper, the ‘dirty tricks’ man, the treasurer and his wife etc (Anderson, pp. 51-56). One factor that really boosts the momentum of the film is the intricacy with which a big news agency and its affairs are under portrayal. Not only does it adorn the intensity of the mystery the film sets out to uncover, but also the excitement that comes from watching two amateur souls finding their way to success and truth is truly epic. The motive of the journalists was to unveil President Nixon’s struggles to be re elected as President by using illegal means to sabotage his opponents, the Democrats (New York Times, 2001). This movie raises the pressing issue of exploiting one’s power in order to achieve personal goals. The movie also brings into limelight the tremendous power of pen and the huge role journalism plays in bringing change and portraying the difference between good and evil. Building upon this notion, this film attends quite a few values along with many others. First is the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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