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Multicultural topic questions - Essay Example

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Answers Name University 1. What are the ways that cultural differences from a counselor and counselee affect counseling? Cultural differences between a counselor and counselee have a very profound effect on the effectiveness of counseling. In order to have its effect, counseling requires the counselee to have confidence in the counselor…
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Multicultural topic questions
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"Multicultural topic questions"

Download file to see previous pages This would shatter the counselee’s confidence in the counselor and render the counseling ineffective. Also, such factors as linguistic barriers may hinder the counseling process. 2. What are the indigenous alternatives to counseling in a non-Western culture? There are several methods that are commonly employed in place of counseling in many non-Western cultures that are directed to achieve the effect of counseling. Many of such alternatives to counseling have religious significance. For examples, Hindus associate the river of Ganges with spirituality and believe that it has positive effect on one who takes bath in it. Prayer is considered as a means to contact God. Therefore, people from different religions openly discuss their problems with God and seek help in prayer. After praying, they feel relieved and counseled. In many Eastern countries, there is very little trend of attending formal counseling sessions. Instead, people restrain themselves to religious teachings, lectures and parental guide to achieve the effect of counseling. 3. How do psychological problems vary with culture of clients? Clients may be equipped with various psychological problems that differ from client to client depending upon the cultures they belong to. Human psychology is greatly shaped and influenced by the cultural trends and practices. Some cultures require their followers to be extrovert and yet there are other cultures, that encourage their followers to remain introvert in all aspects of life. The level to which an individual socializes and the people he/she socializes with is also determined to much an extent, by the culture he/she belongs to. Daily experiences that people go through in their life are influenced by their culture, and the experiences impact their psychology. 4. Outline the essential issues involved in counseling international students? Many international students come to foreign countries with pre-formed conceptions about the nature and attitude of the indigenous people in general, which or may not be true. Students form their perceptions according to the experience of others that have been to foreign countries they intend to go to for studies. Those preformed conceptions are usually so ingrained in the minds of the international students that it becomes very difficult for a counselor to change their false perceptions. In addition to that, cultural issues as discussed before may also hinder the counseling of international students. 5. Describe value orientation conflicts. Personal perceptions of an individual are defined by his/her value orientation. Value orientation tells what an individual deems right and what to him/her is wrong. People vary in their opinions, beliefs and views. There are a lot of principles that were considered wrong by people from older generations and yet today, they are considered as right. The conflict of rationality of principles gives rise to the value orientation conflicts. In order to make the counseling effective, it is imperative that the counselor understands or studies the value orientation of the counselee. 6. Describe stages of black racial identity development. The four stages of the black racial identity development model proposed by Cross (1971, 1978 cited in Alston, Bell, and Price, 1996) were pre-encounter stage, encounter stage, immersion/emersion stage and internalization stage. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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