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Literary Elements - Essay Example

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Literary Elements of a Movie Name and Number Date Literary Elements of a Movie Film is considered a form of art in terms of creating motion pictures. As an art form, movies encompass diverse criterion by which literary elements can be analyzed and assessed depending on the person viewing it…
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Literary Elements
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Download file to see previous pages The essay is hereby written to proffer a literary analysis of “Rain Man” as a movie depicting an exceptional ability to conform and surpass the standards of meeting the holistic requirements for literary excellence in film. For any movie or film to be qualified as good, the following elements must be exceptionally designed: (1) a plot (or the content of the story) that is credible, unified, highly interesting, (2) the quality and choice of casts for the roles are appropriately selected, (3) a particular genre or literary type is clearly depicted, (4) excellent audio visual quality is observed and employed, (5) cinematography (or the structure and form in actual beauty of art) is highly eminent, and (6) moral or message of the story is exuded. Plot The story evolved around Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) who portrayed a self-centered hustler determined to find out the reason why his late father left a substantial inheritance to someone, initially unknown to him but whom he later found out to be his autistic brother, Raymond (Dustin Hoffman). Their escapades ranged from diversely unique and interesting hostage to cross country saga, to using the extraordinary talents of Raymond in Las Vegas as leverage to regain the fortune. The turning point of the movie was antithetical climax transforming the original selfish intent to heartwarming realizations for Charlie as he discovered sincere and genuine emotions for his brother, he previously was incapable of. Casts and Characters Dustin Hoffman, in his rendition of an autistic individual, won an Oscar award as Best Actor for the movie. Of course, the talent and charisma of Tom Cruise was instrumental in enhancing the performance of Hoffman in the film. In its simplicity in character and roles, the movie was highly effective in arousing the interest of the viewers to determine the climax of the story. Likewise, the movie won four Academy Awards in the following categories, to wit: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Original Screenplay. Genre, Visual Quality, Cinematic Points of View Generally classified as drama, the film was highly exceptional in creating humorous situations through the bonding being reestablished by Charlie with Raymond. The choice of scenes, costumes, sound tracks, and other set designs contributed to the holistic molding of a unified theme depicting Charlie’s happy-go-lucky character and the mysteriously sublime role portrayed by Raymond, as a naive yet talented man, despite his disabilities. The various awards attested to the prodigious quality of the film meriting the Best Picture from the rest of the films created during that period. Moral of the Story The journey of Charlie with an initial attempt to redeem what he thought was rightfully his, provided the impetus for revealing that blood is indeed thicker than water. Viewers could initially empathize with Charlie in his attempt to get his equitable share of the family fortune. As the story unfolds, the innocent, sheltered and lonely world familiar to Raymond would transform the viewers’ sentiments to him. The plot and theme were innovatively written to stir emotions and uplift the spirits to unprecedented levels. The ultimate goal of the movie is thereby to enkindle the senses of the viewers to realize that love for one’s family and relationships are far greater than what material things can give. Conclusion A film that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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