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The Issue and Challenge of E-commerce in B2C Business - Essay Example

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The issue and challenges of e-business and e-commerce to support small and medium size retail industry in Singapore 2011 ABSTRACT This research paper is dedicated to the challenges of e-commerce in B2C in today’s marketing. E-commerce has become an essential part of distributing goods to an end customer…
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The Issue and Challenge of E-commerce in B2C Business
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Download file to see previous pages The example of B2C can be the selling of the shoes to an end customer. Though, buying those shoes from a retailer or buying leather for the shoes refers to B2B. When suppliers cooperate with a business, or wholesalers sell to retailers – these are all the examples of business-to-business activity. We are living in the era of high technologies as well as computerization. No wonder, that approximately 50% of the B2C world turnover can be ascribed to e-commerce. The term refers to any commercial operation that is carried out in the Web. It also pertains to “any form of business transaction in which the parties interact electronically rather than by physical exchanges or direct physical contact” (Allen, 2001). The procedure of trading on-line is not as easy as it may seem – it covers many rules, activities, laws and creativity. To put it another way e-commerce is a kind of science that is to be studied in order to be effective and bring results. Despite the growing popularity of the Internet sales and therefore of e-commerce, the latter has many pitfalls and bottlenecks that can lead to the reduction of the customers’ number. This essay aims to analyse the challenges of e-commerce in B2C. It is very important to investigate this problem since 80% of all operations on-line belong to the B2C ones. The rest 20% make up the wholesale, some financial services, and operations at a Stock Exchange. This topic was chosen because of its importance nowadays and because of its ‘under-research’. It means that not many scientists penetrated into this problem. The first cause for this is the relative youth of the Internet and e-commerce itself. The second reason is that trading on-line, as mentioned above is not considered to be a kind of science in a business world. It is considered to be the way to earn money, or the way to gain new customers. Studying this topic will empower anyone in future to apply this knowledge on practice and carry out the profitable e-commerce. It must be emphasized that e-commerce has become an essential part of B2C, though there are many challenges that are to be taken into account. Notion of B2C “Business-to-consumer (B2C, sometimes also called Business-to-Customer) describes activities of businesses serving end consumers with products and/or services” (Baker 2010). Speaking about selling through the Internet it is to be mentioned that here B2C means selling goods that are bought by a customer for his own use. The brightest example of e-commerce B2C in the Internet is the site of Amazon. It is the electronic bookstore that was founded in 1995 and since that time became the world main book retailers. Others examples of B2C on-line can include traveling services, web-money, real-estates services and any information that can be used by a customer. Such sites as Facebook, Tweeter and others also represent the example of B2C. They do not sell anything but suggest communication on-line that is also consumed by a customer. E-commerce has not always been as effective as it is now. In 2000 when the company Nasdaq, that maintained the majority of on-line operations failed, the most of the e-commerce firms had to do away with their selling on-line. They had to shift to a more traditional way of carrying out B2C activity. That year some experts claimed that e-commerce would never restore its reputation since it endangered the private information about the clients. Despite the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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