Discuss the representation of the supernatural in Frankenstein and Lyrical Ballads and related writings - Essay Example

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Full name Professor Course Date Lyrical Ballads Lyrical Ballads came to be born in the existential years of Wordsworth and Coleridge who became friends, with a common denominator of a Romantic’s view of writing in simple words, picturing the common lives of people (Christ, David, Lewaski, Lipking, Logan, Lynch, Maus, Noggle, Ramazani, Robson, Simpson, Stallworthy & Stillinger 1498)…
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Discuss the representation of the supernatural in Frankenstein and Lyrical Ballads and related writings
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Download file to see previous pages These representations are probably the secret ingredients of writers to their works that usually hold their readers’ attention, and getting their praises in the end. As for Wordsworth and Coleridge, they were initially stoned with many negative comments from reviewers like Francis Jeffrey which resulted to readers refraining from embracing their works (enotes.com). However, with the rise of other reviewers who appreciated the simplicity of the two Romantics’ works, the dice was rolled for the authors’ favors and marked their names in history, where even today, the representations of their works are rediscovered time and again. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein (Literature.org) is a lyrical ballad with representations of the unseen world and nature, of gods and humans. During the times of early discoveries of what we enjoy now like electricity, unseen powers greatly influenced the imaginations of men that this theme is scattered in many of their literary works. Frankenstein’s creation of a monster resulted from the understanding of the works of the gods who keep the equilibrium of the universe and things in it. The creator intended to make a man like himself through his study of Chemistry, one that he would be proud of, intended for the good of mankind. To his disappointment, he made alive a creature he eventually feared and despised; a demonstration of what the supreme can do to frustrate the illusions of man for fame, glory and power. Frankenstein, destroying his she monster before even taking the breath of life brings to him a realization that he can not play god again. He may have been able to create a man, but it was to his misfortune and not according to what he expected things to be. This realization may have not been explicitly mentioned but the representation rings through the story where Frankenstein’s fears for what the monster could do, with a helper who could be able to reproduce their kinds amongst humankind. It could also have been to Frankenstein, a submission and acceptance that he is not at all powerful as the gods who are able to look after their creations and limit their fantasies as they did to him and his creation, a monster instead of an adorable man. Looking at the story more closely and its implications to the modern world, Frankenstein obviously would represent men or scientists in particular and the monster are the bad effects of their discoveries and creations. For instance, men created bombs, missiles and guns. Like the monster of Frankenstein, these creations take millions of lives around the world not only the bad guys but more often than not, the innocent become the victims. The creators of which are not spared from the pain of such a great misery as seen in the life of Frankenstein whose loved ones were not spared, making him suffer all the more, blaming himself for such a misfortune. Men can not undo what they have done, they can not bring the time of ignorance about such destructive creations as Frankenstein was not able to destroy his monster. However, it could be implied in the story that such insanity can either be reinforced or put to a stop. Frankenstein, creating a she monster would strengthen the male counter part and eventually take more lives than he is able to do alone, likewise, scientists creating more and stronger kinds of bombs will physically do the same. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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