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Peasantry is present in both novels, Fathers and Sons and The House of the Spirits. Explain the use of Peasants and their role i - Essay Example

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Running Head: Peasantry is present in both novels, Fathers and Sons and The House of the Spirits. Explain the use of Peasants and their role in the social class The House of Spirits The House of Spirits traces the post-colonial social and political upheavals in Latin America…
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Peasantry is present in both novels, Fathers and Sons and The House of the Spirits. Explain the use of Peasants and their role i
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Extract of sample "Peasantry is present in both novels, Fathers and Sons and The House of the Spirits. Explain the use of Peasants and their role i"

Download file to see previous pages One of the main characters of the novel, Esteban Garcia, belongs to the family who represent the peasant class in the novel. The peasants, in this novel, can join the police force or the army and gain access to education and a higher class status. The antagonism between the two classes occurs due to the fact that the aristocrats own the lands while the peasants work on them. The discord between them intensifies when the upper class flourishes and the lower class fails to prosper. Several different approaches are represented towards the inequality. Esteban Garcia believes in the conventional view i.e. the peasants are a dignified class and should not strive to achieve the status of the higher class. They should be contented with whatever they have been provided with. On the other hand, another member of the same family, Pedro Tercero Garcia, represents the revolutionary peasants who want to change their situation. The peasants are also supported by the Trueba women. The novel starts and ends with a narration that refers directly to Clara and her use of journals. The words used by the narrator were written by Isabel Allende. Special attention has been given to the various ways in which each woman learn how to write. Clara and Alba first get a hang at writing and then learn how to make use of that writing. Writing testifies the events that they had witnessed on both personal and political level. The primary purpose of such a testimony being to broadcast these events to a wider audience so that they are able to draw lessons and learn from the events. At the personal level, Alba and her relatives were able to put together their family progeny and history on the basis of Clara's writings. Alba talks about military rule, the military regime etc at the political levels. Alba's writings reflect the events that place at Isabel's house in Chile during her life. Fate keeps playing its game in The House of the Spirits. The events had been thematized in Clara's clairvoyance that helped her understand the fate of people and to predict future. The plot has been structured such that it revolves around the encounters of the members of the del Valle-Trueba family and the Garcia family with each other. most of the young couples in the novels met each other when they were young and ultimately realized that they are meant for each other years later. The novel takes a slow and steady pace throughout the course of its story depiction and narration. Love returned and found its way through a rare combination of chance and design. The same was the case with most other relations in the novel including friendships and debts. Most turning points in the show were a matter of chance and the game of destiny. They did not follow a steady course of actions. The actions took place by chance. every character's fate in the novel was a culmination of his actions, whether great and small. This is analogous to the fate of country being determined by the roles played by forces of nature. (rags) .Fathers and Sons Ivan Turgenev novel, Fathers and Sons, is realistically set in a Russian countryside where Turgenev captures the situation of some families during the social upheaval in Russian history. Tsar Alexander II officially emancipated the serfs in 1861 after a movement which had been growing since 1859. Nikolai Petrovic forfeits his power and frees the serfs but he faces problems in maintaining order over them now. The Russian upheaval results in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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