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Critical Commentary and Use of Various Tests - Term Paper Example

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This paper "Critical Сommentary and Use of Various Tests" describes a critical commentary on three testing approaches that were used to evaluate three dyslexic students. The author outlines the issues involved in the testing and assessment process, the underlying theories of the tests and their strengths and weaknesses. It gives a true picture of the capabilities of those suffering from dyslexia…
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Critical Commentary and Use of Various Tests
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Extract of sample "Critical Commentary and Use of Various Tests"

Download file to see previous pages The paper draws from existing research and other published sources. It explores the issues involved in the testing and assessment process, the underlying theories of the tests and their strengths and weaknesses.
The wide range assessment test refers to an achievement test that is used by specialist teachers and dyslexia assessors in measuring the ability of an individual to read words, understand sentences, spell words and device solutions to a variety of math problems. Corbetta & Shulman (2002) states that this assessment test is currently in its fourth version has evolved from the first version which was developed by Sidney Bijou and Joseph Jastack in the year 1941. It is appropriate for people aged between five years and ninety-four years. It gives two equivalent forms that allow for retesting within a short duration of time after the initial test. Wilkinson & Robertson (2006) remarks that the retesting process is one of the critical aspects of the WRAT 4. It allows for the validation of the initial results that are obtained from the first forms. Studies have indicated that retesting is effective whether it is done after the initial test or administer at the same time as the first one. In both cases, it is possible to reduce the potential practice effect that occurs when one repeats the same activity.
Rao (2010), on the other hand, says that the administration of both the Blue and the Green forms simultaneously tends to be more effective in ensuring that the effect of repeat activity engagement is totally eliminated. This ensures that the data which is obtained from the second test validates the first test thus making the overall test more reliable. The various editions of the Wide Range Achievement Test have also enjoyed widespread use in different settings in measuring the academic skills of individuals. It has also been used to gauge effective learning processes, critical thinking, reading abilities, calculation prowess, and communication skills.  Various scholars have studied the latest version of the test in order to determine its effectiveness as compared to the earlier three versions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Critical Commentary and Use of Various Tests Term Paper.
(Critical Commentary and Use of Various Tests Term Paper)
Critical Commentary and Use of Various Tests Term Paper.
“Critical Commentary and Use of Various Tests Term Paper”.
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